Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our house

When I was a child we lived in a small house.
It was only two rooms. there was no kitchen. into four sections.

we divide it with curtains For privacy And then we took it off during the day. since we

were a big family. we also didn't had a kitchen we made the back room edges almost like a

kitchen Right next to where my Little brother slept. We placed all of the uncooked solid food, such as sugar, rice,flower etc..

Some time I use to switch places with him. he had allergies. After two steps and so on. My FATHER

USE TO SLEEP THERE. the back of his bed , we used it as closet.

'all of our clothes were placed in few big Bags. and right in the middle we hanged a string, of course to hang cloths that was washed.

the back room was half kitchen and half closet, and laundry .and the front room

we tried to keep it as neat as possible. on the middle we placed a Rags to sit on, in front we placed a

T.v and DR. to the left there was buckets full of water : some times the water use to stop running. so kept them in there, just in case.

next to it, was bucket of gas to cook and next to it was the stove.

and to the right was my favorite part of the house. Where the actually cooked food was placed.

after it, was  4 boxes of shoes, two of them belonged to my  father, he was  big fan of shoes. and the other two was for us ladies.

the walls where black and white. The original paint was whitish, but after years of cooking

inside the house. the flame of the coal changed the painting to

black and white. now and then we tried cleaning it. some stains where removed and

others stayed there as part of the family. we also placed some beautification's on the wall, but they too changed the color

after while they even lost their beauty.. the floor was made out of cement. when ever it got wet we had to clean it right away.

and did it few times during the day. usually after breakfast and dinner. we also had one small window. we also used the edges of that

window for shampoos and soaps for shower. in case your wondering where we took shower and took care of business. was also in the room.

just kidding.yes, we did had everything in the two rooms and did everything but we didn't use it as restroom of course. The bathroom was

a public bathroom the whole neighborhood shared it. I mean you could actually see the the dinner you had 4 days ago. in case your forgot

what you ate. and what your neighbor had to. The restroom was pretty unhealthy and nasty place. rats, bugs and everything in between was living

in it. The house might be small from the outside but it was immense from inside. full of love and care was also on the edges and every -where in between..