Sunday, October 20, 2013


Eid Mubarak kulu aam' wantum bikhery, May Allah swt accept your hajj, soom,and many more of your good deeds.

I always blog when I have so much to do, I guess its my way of escaping the reality .

Anyways, For the past few months or so, I had been having this terrifying feeling that I am going to die. Alhamdulilaah I feel much better and I couldn't ask for more. What doesn't kill you makes your Iman stronger, and that is exactly what happen to me.

A week or two weeks ago, I was in biology lecture class when my lab partner asked me if I read my email this morning, then he told the our Lab professor passed away. Shocking news, just that Monday he talked about how he doesn't consume any sea food, because of the oil spill and bad chemicals and what not. As simple as that he was gone. He thought he had control over it, but do we really have control over our life at all? He got into car accident that week.

So, after class was over. I read the email. They were informing us that he was dead in auto-accident when he lost control over the vehicle. At the end of the email it said, " please remember you have class this following Monday. It honestly bothered me the fact that she had the audacity to put that sentence in the same email.  So we went to class on Monday as usually, we have new professor, no one mentioned him, except  this guy who asked us how we find out. After that conversation no one talked about him. Just like that he was forgotten. We continued that lab work as usual. This is life. That moment when you die, the first thing people will forget is your name, they will call you the "mawat" dead body". They will cry for you (your close relative) than they will move on with the help of Allah. 

You don't need a microscope to see that you're ALONE, only Allah is with you. It's you Vs the world. Depending on how you use your traveling time.
  Most people are terrified when death is mentioned because they expect the worst, knowing what they did. But what if we're dead now. Well, good muslims are, because to them this world is the worst place they will ever be in. May Allah swt make us among the righteous. YA Allah when death comes to us make us among those you're satisfying with. AMEEN AMEEN.