Sunday, June 19, 2011

The worst places in the world to be a woman

CBSNews reported  "The worst places in the world to be a woman". Here are the top Five countries.

1 .Afghanistan was cited for its overall level of violence, there are a host of other factors that caused TrustLaw to put it atop the list. One in 11 women there have a chance of dying in childbirth; Some 87 percent of women are illiterate; and as many as 80 percent of girls face forced marriages.

2.Congo was put atop the list because of the staggering level of sexual violence in the country - a product of many years of war and humanitarian disasters. As many as 400,000 women are raped there annually.

3. As many as 1,000 women are killed annually in Pakistan in so-called "honor killings." Additionally, families defending their "honor" there are also known to attack women with acid to disfigure them, stone them to death, or simply beat them. The widespread practice of arranged and forced marriages also present a hurdle to personal freedom for women there.

4. India, while a rapidly developing country, still places great cultural burdens on women. In addition to incredibly high rates of human trafficking and prostitution involving women, especially girls, foeticide (the killing of fetuses) and infanticide with females is incredibly high there. As many as 50 million females are reported to have gone missing because of the practice in the last century.

5. Finally, Somalia, another generally very dangerous place, rounded out the top five. Somali women's minister Maryan Qasim told TrustLaw: "The most dangerous thing a woman in Somalia can do is to become pregnant. When a woman becomes pregnant her life is 50-50 because there is no antenatal care at all. There are no hospitals, no healthcare, no nothing. Add to that the rape cases that happen on a daily basis, the female genital mutilation that is being done to every single girl in Somalia. Add to that the famine and the drought. Add to that the fighting (which means) you can die any minute, any day."

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Farwell Farmajo

Nin tiisa dar yeelo ayaa tukale ku daro, somaliyeey maxaa dooneysaan. Ruuxi hori idiin wado hadaad diidaan, qabiil isku qeeybisaan. Habaarkii ceeydiid ayaa wali idiin heesto.  koleey wax soo mawadaan eeh. wadanka ethiopian iyo kenya haloo kala qeeybiyo... It's  for the best.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family In Facebook

I have had this  conversion many times. And I mean many time. Why would you use social network(Facebook, Myspace, Twitter... after you get married . Many argue, those social networks are for single people. To chat, and mess-around what ever what ever. Someone will add you, you will accept them. You know after that, because that person doesn't know that you are married, and by the time they found this out they might have already grew fond of you.  A lot of people say I would/will deactivated my account after I get married. Specially, this comes from Somali people. And there is a reason I mentioned this. Because, "OTHERS"" Only add and accept people they know. The matter of fact is, My Facebook, is my facbook. I will respect your privacy and I expect the same from him. I don't really see how people who have family have time to use social network. And mostly it's men who use it. If the women gets married, they got their hands full. 

A while ago I have came a cross, a Facebook profile. The wife had her husband labeled in her family tree, same as him plus, their three kids. It's such a beautiful thing. Do  you think someone will get confused on him or her to be single. I don't think so. But the problem comes when they don't label each other as family members. Or even don't bother to put "married in their relationship status. . My relationship statues say "married" just to keep the dog away, but if you really want to use social networks. And have fun , you can add your friends and family people who know you, why accept a total stranger. Evil comes when you look for it

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Check it out

I've neglected this blog, for a lot of reasons, final exams, graduation. And of course my other blog :) Yes,I am cheating on you darling lol ... 

Any ways, I am writing  so called story, It's not a fiction, It's not a true story, it's mixture half of it is true, or maybe not. CHECK IT OUT , who know I might share the money with you when I became popular :).. Let me know what you guys think of it .. Check it , CHECK IT OUT.... -------->      

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