Saturday, September 29, 2012

September update

September was a busy busy busy month. When Ramadan ended school started, right after that my sister got married on September 1st, it was a great night alhamdulilah everything went well with the help of Allah swt. Alhamdulilaah,it was a great month, We all miss her. May Allah bless her house with love and care, and little cute/healthy babies. :)

Last week, September 20th was my Birthday, since I was away from home, that week I figured it would be a boring birthday, and I felt old.. :) but my dear friends had a surprise birthday dinner for me. Over all it was a great day, And I ask swt for another blessed year, May I reach the next year.

So, I went back to  University, great school. But some how it's really depressing. So, I decide to transfer  next semester and stay home. Allah swt know the best. But I hope they accept my pray me ...