Friday, August 24, 2012

Geesiga Gambarka Doonayoo

Geesiga Gambarka doonayo aan kuu Geeraaro.

Gumeeysi  Allah Ka sokoow rag baa naga saaray

Guul Ragbaa Gaashaan uqaatay

Garasho La’aan rag baa wadan ku hogaamiyaya

Geesiga Gambarka doonayoo Gaarso Caalamka

Geesiga Gambarka Doonayoo Gaabso hadaadan garsaneeyn  

Geesiga Gambarka doonayoo gaajada ka saar Gurigaaga

Geesiga Gambarka doonayoo Hogaanso Goobjoogta

Geesiga Gambarka doonayoo  Gobalada Somalia  Gaarsii  Great Britain

Geesiga Gambarka doonayoo,

Ha Gudoomin Gambarka  hadaa ku dayaneeyso Gudigii hore

Ha Gudoomin Gambarka hadaa waxtarka gaabineeysid

Ha Gudoomin Gambarka hadaa Guul uhogaami neeynin

Ha Gudoomin Gambarka hadeey Gacan wax qaado kuugu taal

Ha Gudoomin Gambarak hadeey Gacan wax qabato kuugu oolin

Ha Gudoomin haadan geesi aheeeyn.   

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am back !!

I haven't blog for a while, the main reason being, I just don't have time to sit and write any more. I guess the older you get the more complicated your life gets, and more responsibility falls on you.
With that been said, I will try to fit blogging in my crowded schedule, as the fall semester begins. The summer session were busier than I expected to be honest, and Ramadan coming along, I barely have time for my self. 

Any who Insha'Allah I will have a week of freedom, other than packing for Uni. I want to say  Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims around the word, I want to wish you a long and health life. May your fasting and salah and du'a be accepted, may you be among the loved once. With that been said, I am getting ready to start my second year of Uni. Yes, time flies by. Hang in there I will write you my graduation post lol.. Insha'allah. Alhamdulilaah it had been easy process it was fantastic year. And I ask Allah swt to bless me with another fantastic year. 

September is My Bday AND I AM GETTING READY TO GO CRAZY.!!! nothing wild or haram don't get me wrong, But I just want to remember this Birthday. I am usually not a Birthday person but this time I will make sure It's one to remember, May I reach with full health and happiness Insha'allah.

Oh by the way, I will be blogging more now, Since I have a night shift on weekends. lol  Just to keep me up... Insha'Allah.
.. till next time stay safe and be happy. Again EID MUBARAK KULU CAAM WA'ANTUM BI KHEERY ..Have a GREAT Eid