Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Ten months update ...IT'S  A NEW YEAR!!!!...

Started student teaching. It's fun. I walk around the hall and there is a timer is my head and it keep up with the seconds.  I guess it's natural to treat everyone like a 1st grader when you were 1st grade teacher for half a century, but sometime it's annoying. I am 4 months away from being a college graduate I don't need you to tell me AND SHOW me how to sequence numbers (ARE YOU KIDDING ME WOMEN! :) )
Actually that didn't bother me, what bothered me is the fact that it took her 58 seconds to think of the last number she wrote. ( Yes, I am literally counting the seconds).

Things that bother me
1. Are You volunteering? Teachers and staff asking me if I am volunteering, I get this question EVERY DAY once or twice. Now I say , "YES! I am volunteering". "OH! that so nice of you, good for you". WHAT? WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU?  I created this bad habit of imagining things in my head, like when the lady said "good for you", I imagined smashing her face on the copier and ask her " WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME ? IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU ? ( while I make copies of her face). OH and the other night I waited for my father and brother in-law after work to give them ride home. Let me say this, first of all it  was Sunday I had to get up at 6:00 next morning and I waited for them 1 hour and half it was 11:00 by the time they come out and on our way they had the audacity to talk about how bad of a drive women are, first of all they are in my car so I imagined pulling over to the side of the  highway and telling them something is wrong with the car and when they get off DRIVE AWAY!  ( BOY WAS THAT FUNNY WHEN IT WAS HAPPENING IN MY HEAD)

I learned few important lessons this past few months. I learned that there is no point in getting angry and annoyed by yourself and to yourself.(Get it). I use to tell myself that it's natural to get angry and annoyed but now I found a solution. I do get angry and annoyed but I learned how to calm myself down in like 0 second. I chant DONUTS !DONUTS! MY BED ! KOREAN DRAMAS!
And BAAM! I am smiling in 0 second(s) .

The hardest thing about student teaching is getting up in the morning. The DONUTS chant doesn't work in the morning. So, I cover my self and try to forward the day to 3:30 P.M using my magic remote. I never fail, it never works either. There is nothing wrong in trying magic. 

So I love weekends because I am not at school but at work and I don't have to wake up as early but I am sales person and  I HATE PEOPLE! SO that is a problem. So, I like week days because I don't have to deal with stupid people , actually I do but they are not paying me so. OH! ANOTHER ANNOYING THING ABOUT STUDENT TEACHING IS "DO YOU GET PAID? (question) "NO" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". I guess I would have been less grumpy if I was paid. :)