Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sharing relationship info's with your parents

We, Muslims all know that it's haram to date, but lets face it more than half of the Muslims commit this sin. I recently watched a documentary called  "strictly soul mate Muslims" were three ideal candidate find spouse. What I found disturbing they call it modern arrange marriage. They let the man and women meet for hours or so where she moves around him and talks to him. Now if we do act halal and all who gave you the right to serve food  and bend facing your bottom on his way. I am sorry but I find that highly disturbing and unreligious. 

The second point is some people I know actually inform their parents the  guy they met and who they are dating. I am not saying don't inform your parents, but what happens when the relationship ends. And you meet another and another and another one. I find it little bit out of respect for the parents. Make sure he/she is the one before you introduce  him/her to your parents. Just because your parents know that you are seeing someone doesn't make it halal for you to goof off. They actually have to be there when you meet him/her and how many of our youth actually do that. You're on the phone let your parents be on the line. How many of us do that, LET BE HONEST THOUGH.
 Some time relationship are like the cold, they are just going around. You really need to know which on is cold and which one is cancer.