Friday, June 1, 2012

violation of Dirac

I have two problems with this one: First of all, Ladies how far are you willing to go with this? Wasn't the original dirac ( enough see through) Why do you have to style it in a away that it shows more skin.

Secondly, they recently changed that style to sari style. 100% Dirac violatic. They are taking away our culture not only that but the religion violation too.

I demand for the Original dirac style back, Or this case will make it to the suprem court. And I will win, when I complain about the emotional crises I went thought because of this lol

To those who feel sorry for themself due to their color

Yes, I have time to blog nowadays, Freshman year of Uni is over, seems like it was yesterday when I graduted from high school. Any who, I am still taking summer school, Planing on getting a job, insha'allah ( pray for me ).

All my life I have been around Africans( to be specific Blacks) When I started Uni there was only 1%  of black students. The rest were white. Now My DEAR LOVELY PEOPLE (Somalis ) don't consider themself black. They don't hate on them, but they claim their ancestor are from the arab world. Personally that bothers me, geographically we are located in the  continent of Africa. With that been said, we don't have problem beeing called black. My judgement is not impair nor am I taking side here, but I have encountared, many sitautions where somalis fight to prove they're Africans not only that but pure black. At the end of the day we are black. But some of the black people(Other than Somalis) feels sick to their stomach just because they are black. They feel less, when they are around others who are not black. They complain about being spoted, and being diffenent. They complaine about it. Wallahi It Makes Me Sick to My Stomach when they feel sorry for themself because of their skin color. Many use lightening lotion, skin brightnening cream. Hopping and wishing to get lighter skin. Subhan'allah, man made iteams won't /can't change the skin Allah swt gave you. IMPOSSIBLE. Look what happends when you mess with gods creation, just take a look at Micheal Jackson.

Be proud of your skin color.