Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ramadan Kariim

Ramadan Kariim to all of you muslims around the globe. I am late this this year, I am 4 days late apologies :). Alhamdulilaah we reached yet another blessed month. May Allah swt make you those who take full advantage of this blessed month. Please keep the sick and poor and dead in your prayers

Personally this Ramadan  is a little bit hard for me, I got a bad acid reflux, h pylori  this past 6 months and its taking over my life. Only Allah cures, May Allah swt cure me and those who are sick /Alhamdulilaah so far so good, May Allah make it easy for me and all of you.

This might be the last one you fast, or mine who knows. Make it the best one InshaAllah.
My extra dua goes out to the men who are not taking breaking lol hang it there. I also want to send my dua to the sisters who are standing over the oven to cook your iftar keep her in your prayers InshaAllah. Trust me its not easy, the heat and standing for at least 2 to 3 hours then tarawiih and the last 10 day tajid, yeah that's is a lot of standing right.

Make sure your eyes, ears, hands, legs and most importantly your tongue is fasting too. Give what you can, remember sadaqa is not just money. Help others, relieve their worry, and most important smile. :)

I also want to send my dua to those of you who are living in Denmark, 21 hours of fasting is not easy, May Allah swt shower his mercy Upton you all.

Till next Ramdan, Ramadan Mubarak hang in there  guys !!!!!!