Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Mans Land

No Mans Land
Leaving in mans land
Eating mans food]
Learning mans Language
I’m tired
I’m tired of eating, leaving and learning in mans land
I hear them say “Go back, you don’t belong here.
I see them steal our wealth I see them shade our blood
I see them and hear them hurt us physically and emotionally
I cry, not because of their men, but because our men
It’s sad that we don’t have a country
The saddest part is that when you’re in own country and they tell you You don’t belong in this region. You’re from east not west!It’s sad when we try to separate brown beans in one plat to one another
It’s sad when we have the same color, same language, same religion.
Soon those beans will vanish from east and westAnd the land will be no mans land
It’s sad how we utter and document about peace, yet there is not action
I cry,
I’m hungry,
I am thirsty.
Thirsty for love
I cry for peace
I’m hungry for land

Cry No More

Hadaan halgamo aan Hawiye dhameeyo ma guul baa?Hadaan daarood difaaco danbiile ma dabool’maa?

hadaan hawargadir habaaro haween mala’horsanaa?Isaaq hadaan u’hilin wayo hooyo wiil keedii weeyda hiil ma’unoqonaa?

Hadaan far kufiiqo madhibaan mucaaradka ma’ka guulbaa?

Hadaan qabyaalad qiimeeyo qooys maku dhismaa?

Muslimka hadaa mucaardku ‘noqdo muqdisho Mareekan magaaree?

Quraankii inlaga been sheego ma’sharcibaa, mise waa sharaf?

Somali’nimadii in lasaameen waayo ma’sumcad ‘baa?

Somaliyee saanta aan islawada qaadno’ qor’yaha wada dhignoSomaliyeesaan, sanadka soo

fool’leh kuma sugnaan karnee, caalamka aan isla saan dhigno

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dream + effort= reality

What does it take to be born in that house and die in that house. Some call it dream, Utopian other call it hallucination
But I call it “reality” and “effort”. Nothing in this world comes easily nor with out hard work.
It might be dark inside and out literally , but that shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching the zenith of their dreams. But the question is how long should you dream before you take the first step? What is the first step. What are my odds of being born in house number one and dead in house number two?
It’s a dream of people I have know and lived with ,it’s my dream. Success is not a destination but a journey” that is what they say. But mine is a destination and many others. Get the job you always dreamed about, Own that big house you that you dreamed about, drive the car you want to drive since you were 8, Find Ms /Mrs. Right . start a family, etc. are those dreams a journey or destination?
Well if I tell you all of your dream would come true in a blink of eyes would you be satisfied
Or you would add some more to the list . As human when it come to “faith” we lack
I lived in a house similar to house number one. But I never dreamed about house number two.
Did I Wished for a better house? yes, better then house number two? No. But I wish I could have more.
You never know what you have unless you lose it.
My mother always said, If You get education, anything you want, you can do it.. you can even became
The president of that(she use to point her finger west) I figured she Meant USA.
It actually gave me hope. Of course I had no intention what so ever to became the president of United
State. Not that I didn’t know it was impossible for a foreign to became president in United state nor any other country in this world. It’s not because of lack of education I had toward politic , that is one reason, but the main one was that my parents always tried to blind us from anything that was related to
Politic. Since our country didn’t had a president. I had insignificant knowledge toward anything that
Dealt with “diplomatic” . Back to the topic, the word that my mother said gave me hope because, I thought to my self, if I can reach higher then I want to , it will take less time and effort to reach where I want to reach.
Dreams can come true. In Gods will” no matter how big they are. You only have to do one big thing.
Believe in it.” Weird “ that the word “believe has the word “lie” in it .. that tells you every thing has two sides.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A letter From Un-born

Dear Mother:

Mother , You are my One and Only love.
I Have come to a decision which you won’t be pleased with.
You are my one and only love.
I don’t want to be born, in a place where people love wealthy more the health.
You are my one and Only that makes me feel safe.
I desire not to be born in unsafe world, where they shoot, No matter what size or shape.
You are my one and only care.
I hope not to be born in a place, where one pour his brothers blood.
You are my one and only fear.
I desire not be born in a place where, people are scared of the
Gunmen more then God.
You are my one and Only goal in life.
I don’t want to be born in a place where they shadow your future in front of you.

You are my one and only respect.
I don’t want to be born in a place where youthful disgraces elderly.

You are my one and Only help.
I don’t want to be born in a place, where people lend no hand to one another .
I don’t want to be born. Not now, not in this world!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thristy for peace

Yet, so much love to share
Pure blackness, oneness so rareLand is so gold and green

The place is so fresh and clean And everyday I water my garden

Tell me if you feel it deep in your heart and
The space is so cool and nice

Visit once, guaranteed to visit twiceAnd if you just
believe in the most highI know you'll be alright
So many war, suddenly distorted us
Bring us promises, just to sit in the chair
Leaving with hopes
I heard them say peace is in the way.
Peace is the answer
That’s what they say.
We side with them
Then they deceive us
But look how they treat us
Try to control us.
Take away the freedom
They just pull us backward
We strangling, fight for peace
And we are wondering
When will we be free.
But they should wait for that to come.. it’s not far way
If we just , respect one another,
If we just, don’t kill one another
If we just, don’t steal from one another
If we just, let one man in the chair,
If we just, for get about tribe
For now we hallucinate for that day, it's far away

Please you and them,

I’m a head of the light .
behind the dark .
It’s so rough to rise.
I sit next to black and white .
Yet I’m brown.
I do comprehend their conversation .
Yet never natter .
They ask why I don’t verbalize ?
Simply , I answer I’m not verbose !
They spot me as singular .
They Think I’m smarter,
perhaps it’s my deliberation
I assume I’m articulate .
Yet when I desire I disregard
Not for purpose, because I’m petrified
Teachers treat me atypical .
Possible pro positive .
Maybe they think I’m untrained .
Perhaps it’s the way I’m dressed .
Perhaps my hijab is too strange, unusually
Perhaps they find it bizarre .
Perhaps they compare me to other who terrorizes.
Or perhaps ,
It’s my brow skin, and uncommon beauty.
Or my bright colorful clothing.
Or perhaps my charming my accent, so odd .
I attempt to please all in one hand.
Yet, I have learn that the hard way.
Not everyone will be pleased.
Unless one has faith in god.