Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Please you and them,

I’m a head of the light .
behind the dark .
It’s so rough to rise.
I sit next to black and white .
Yet I’m brown.
I do comprehend their conversation .
Yet never natter .
They ask why I don’t verbalize ?
Simply , I answer I’m not verbose !
They spot me as singular .
They Think I’m smarter,
perhaps it’s my deliberation
I assume I’m articulate .
Yet when I desire I disregard
Not for purpose, because I’m petrified
Teachers treat me atypical .
Possible pro positive .
Maybe they think I’m untrained .
Perhaps it’s the way I’m dressed .
Perhaps my hijab is too strange, unusually
Perhaps they find it bizarre .
Perhaps they compare me to other who terrorizes.
Or perhaps ,
It’s my brow skin, and uncommon beauty.
Or my bright colorful clothing.
Or perhaps my charming my accent, so odd .
I attempt to please all in one hand.
Yet, I have learn that the hard way.
Not everyone will be pleased.
Unless one has faith in god.

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