Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dream + effort= reality

What does it take to be born in that house and die in that house. Some call it dream, Utopian other call it hallucination
But I call it “reality” and “effort”. Nothing in this world comes easily nor with out hard work.
It might be dark inside and out literally , but that shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching the zenith of their dreams. But the question is how long should you dream before you take the first step? What is the first step. What are my odds of being born in house number one and dead in house number two?
It’s a dream of people I have know and lived with ,it’s my dream. Success is not a destination but a journey” that is what they say. But mine is a destination and many others. Get the job you always dreamed about, Own that big house you that you dreamed about, drive the car you want to drive since you were 8, Find Ms /Mrs. Right . start a family, etc. are those dreams a journey or destination?
Well if I tell you all of your dream would come true in a blink of eyes would you be satisfied
Or you would add some more to the list . As human when it come to “faith” we lack
I lived in a house similar to house number one. But I never dreamed about house number two.
Did I Wished for a better house? yes, better then house number two? No. But I wish I could have more.
You never know what you have unless you lose it.
My mother always said, If You get education, anything you want, you can do it.. you can even became
The president of that(she use to point her finger west) I figured she Meant USA.
It actually gave me hope. Of course I had no intention what so ever to became the president of United
State. Not that I didn’t know it was impossible for a foreign to became president in United state nor any other country in this world. It’s not because of lack of education I had toward politic , that is one reason, but the main one was that my parents always tried to blind us from anything that was related to
Politic. Since our country didn’t had a president. I had insignificant knowledge toward anything that
Dealt with “diplomatic” . Back to the topic, the word that my mother said gave me hope because, I thought to my self, if I can reach higher then I want to , it will take less time and effort to reach where I want to reach.
Dreams can come true. In Gods will” no matter how big they are. You only have to do one big thing.
Believe in it.” Weird “ that the word “believe has the word “lie” in it .. that tells you every thing has two sides.

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