Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Mans Land

No Mans Land
Leaving in mans land
Eating mans food]
Learning mans Language
I’m tired
I’m tired of eating, leaving and learning in mans land
I hear them say “Go back, you don’t belong here.
I see them steal our wealth I see them shade our blood
I see them and hear them hurt us physically and emotionally
I cry, not because of their men, but because our men
It’s sad that we don’t have a country
The saddest part is that when you’re in own country and they tell you You don’t belong in this region. You’re from east not west!It’s sad when we try to separate brown beans in one plat to one another
It’s sad when we have the same color, same language, same religion.
Soon those beans will vanish from east and westAnd the land will be no mans land
It’s sad how we utter and document about peace, yet there is not action
I cry,
I’m hungry,
I am thirsty.
Thirsty for love
I cry for peace
I’m hungry for land

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