Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Don't feel that!!!

They judge me of what I wear
They ask me if I am afraid of my parents
I tell them, yes but not as much as I am afraid of God
They ask me if I am hot when it’s 110 degree
I tell them, Yes I am
But the hell is hotter
They ask me if I am bold
I tell them my hair is long
But the life is not

They ask me why I hide my body
I tell them , there will be a day when my body parts
Will speak against me
They ask me why I’m under that, when Fatima is not
I tell them, I tell them nothing ,
I mean ,what should I say
They ask me if it’s pick or bounce,
I tell them it’s not
They ask me if it’s disgrace when my sister leave the hijab

They say they hear them say it’s a choice,
I tell, them it’s obligation

It’s shame when we go different ways.
Yet we say we came from the same high way.
They ask me why I don’t verbalize with them
I tell them, I remain from crime
They ask me what I do for fun
I tell them, I don’t do anything you consider fun
They say I should enjoy my life
I tell them, I will, here after
They think I’m hallucinating
But that day is not far away

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