Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm thinking about writing a book. I always have, since I was a little girl even thought I was not able to  write one sentence correctly. But this time I being more serious. The question is, will I have enough time?  Now that I will start going to university and having a job.I'm not sure if time would allow me do so. I am still in process of managing my time wisely. 

I will share it in here. A sneak peek. So that you could taste it. And if you happen to fell in love with it. I hate to tell you this but you're going to buy  it from :). Aim High! That's what they say.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'll not get married.

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 When men say, "I'll not get married. What does it mean to you. They are scared of commitment, or they just feel like they are not ready. Or maybe it's their way of saying , "I surely don't want to get married to you. It's among those three reasons. And more than likely, simply, they are not in to you. Same as, when they say, "One day you will make a great wife." Translation, You'll be a great wife to someone else. I can't take credit on that. Because when I say " You will make a great husband one day.

I mean it, so as other women. But if they really thinks that you are a great match. They won't say it out-loud. They don't  want you to shout it out, or spell it for others. (Or maybe not) However when they use that phrase They are just tying to boost your system. You're worthy, don't disgrace your self. (JUST NOT FOR ME,okay)

When they find someone that intrigues them and they can see themselves falling in love with them for the rest of there life, they're not going to delay, of course everything is in Gods hand. They have No power over that. Just like you won't delay to do what you waited for so long.
 Nor am I an expert in this area, neither do I desire to be. But I would love to be sociologist. Since I investigate social behavior. It became my new habit. 

                                       Quick Tips.
Unlike women. to protect their manhood, men don't show their full and complete love. (If you feel like he is not showing all, don't think he is not into you.)

If a man jokes about loving you. That is deal breaker don't waste anymore of your time. (He really is not in to you)
Unlike men, If a lady throws funny punchlines ( She really means it)

If you need to know more, or your confused about your relationship Contact me. I will spell it out for-you.:)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I deeply Love My Twin

I don’t usually share this seclude with people I don’t know, but I will share this with you today.
I have a twin .  Why is that a secret? You might doubt. No I’m not a humiliated about my twin. Matter fact I’m proud of my twin. And Deeply in Love my Twin. I’m not addicted to my twin, I’m passionate about my twin.  My twin allows me to forget the past for quite some time.  My twin permits me to live in the golden world. My twin don’t tolerate when other utter negatively about me. My twin forbids me to work hard. My twin hinders my golden time. My twin holds on to the tip of my dress and get in my way. From time to time, I’m not strong enough to shove My twin out of my way. I fear to hurt my twin. Her name is “Sleep”. Yes, you read it right, sleep is her name. how much  I adore her I cannot emphasize.
You might be thinking, I must sleep a lot. WRONG! Usually, in life, when you have it, you don’t appreciate as much as when you lose it. For the longest time  I have slept for straight hours were 15 hours.

World record for sleeping the longest is 14 days and a half a day, set by Randy Gardiner in 1965. It’s fanatical isn’t it? It's extremely hard to believe. However I doubt if he was over dosed. Or he was taking drug. I was thinking about breaking the record this summer. But it’s just way too much. World Record for going the longest without sleeping, however, was 264 hours (11 days) set by 18 year old.  But If I were to choose between the two sleeping records. I would choose to sleep for 14 days, without a doubt.  Go figure. But for now, I was challenged by a friend. His recovered is 24 hours. I will make sure that happens in the summer. I will also make sure I get away from home. I can’t risk being awakened, when I’m half way done. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why do so many African Americans convert to Islam, while in prison

   I want to touch on a  topic I have been ignoring quite sometime now.    I was asked once by student,  while I was  unfamiliar with the situation. Why do so many African Americans convert to Islam, while in prison. Shocking point.

Until I went to Optometrist (eye doctor) I have not come across this. During the waiting session, the electricity went out. And mostly people start to go one by one. Mother and I were waiting for a ride. For that reason we were the last once to leave. Any who, while we were waiting. this man came to us.

Asalamu Aleykum, he said.
Okay, I am not trying to be racist but my entire life, I have only seen one African American who happened to be a Muslim. This was not  shocking to me, I just didn't expect the eye doctor to be a Muslim It didn't had anything to do with his skin color.

Usually when someone came up to me and says "Asalamu Aleykum", especially, White and African Americans.  I always doubt whether they have pick up the phrase or are they're  really a Muslim.  As strange as it may sound, I didn't hasted  to replay to this man. From his attire and way his face shine you could  just tell that this guy was a Muslim.

On the other hand my sister couldn't keep it, so she asked. 
Are you a convert?

The amazing part was his answer.
No, Everyone is born as a Muslim.He reply
Takbiir!!!!! there he began to tell us his journey.

I have seen so many people who call them selves "Revert Muslim",  "Islam Convert" and similar to it. It always made me ponder. Why point to a door you closed. Why would you want to read at a letter you teared.
 He refused to be called a convert. Because he never was,  indeed he was on the right path. Masha'allah.

.Last week our English teacher brought it up, she looked at me and say is the true. I didn't want to say this, as she her self was African American. Few point had been laid out.

                                       Why in prison and not before?

During the slavery era, the history and background of African American had been destroyed. Therefore when they get to prison they lay the foundation. They get exposed to the literature work.
The second reason  that is mainly talked about is , prison is a very racist place. Mostly they walk out of there disliking white and vice verse.  They end up considering Christianity a white religion. And want  belong to a group.Or they get  to exposed to the reality. Indeed,Allah guides who he wants.

Why I start blogging?

                                                       4/10/10 Anniversary

Are you broke? 
Okay,  I'm :)
One of the reasons  I started blogging (I was broke) did I say WAS I mean (I'm broke!). Sadly I came into a last page with my diary, and  I didn't had the money to buy a new one. Students are always broke. Don't be surprised. I know what you are thinking: Blog can not be your diary. Well it was private to began with.  And, Yes you are absolutely right blog CAN NOT be your diary.  After a while, However, I broke my blogging virginity,  and changed it to public after I   deleted my dirty dishes of course.  Started to shine. It was and still is a  way to improve my (Poor writing quality). I suddenly  fall into the hands of blogging.  

 When I go to bed, I would find myself  staring at the roof and a topic would pop into my mind  ,  PING!! I will blog about that. As you can see, for a year I only have 72 posts. And I go to bed every day twice, Yes , twice. I love sleeping. So your guessing it right, I have not wrote all of my topic that I have in mind, indeed. Sadly my time wouldn't allow me to do so. School, Tutoring, Mentoring, Homework, Chores, "Me Time". The list goes on. But I love you enough not to make you  put your fingers in your hair and pull it to your lap. 

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Friday, April 8, 2011

BUMMERRR rules.!

                                                       BUMMERRR Rules.!

RULE #1. For those of you who are sheikh, a little advice ; Please don’t go to her parents if she even don’t know your name! Yes, that is the method , But I am sorry. You are not getting married to her father and mother. If you decide to jump over her. BUMERR!!! it’s your loss. If you want to do it the old way, atleast  let her know you or show her you face, Asalamu Aleykum won’t hurt!!! . Some time you see people now and again but they don’t see you!! Or pay attention to you. SOME OF US WEAR GLASSES YOU KNOW !!

RULE # 2 .BFF ..BUMMER!!!  I don’t know how much I can emphasize this , DON’T NOT UNDER  ANY CIRCUMSTANCE  TRY TO BE BFF WITH THE FATHER OR THE BROTHER. In order to get to her

RULE #3 . Real talk! Okay you guys know each other for while now. You’re getting there. You’re ready for the next step. Out of the blue . He goes to her parents. She comes home minding her own business, parents expose to her what had took place today. WAIT, Shouldn’t I be the one to know this first. BOMMER!!! She calls him, hey why didn’t you tell me.

I thought we were cool with this? What is wrong with you. BOMMMMMER !!! DON’T EVER DO THAT. Even If you are 100% sure , always KEEP HER IN TOUCH. Before you go to her parents.

RULE # 4. When the agreement takes place. Some people tend to be present for all of 3 meals. BUMMMER !!! STAY AWAY FROM HER HOUSE!!!. Yes you must greet the family now and again. But don’t go to her house 24/7.

Rule # 5. Showering her with GIFT to get close to her BUMMER!!. Exception are on especial accusations. Once in a while.!!!

Rule #6. Phone calls  24/ 7, Hey I called you why didn't you answer.  You might say, That sound like "women"  Trust me , some men do  it Bummer!!

Muslim proposal

It’s quite tough to raise your offspring in western country, or even non Islamic countries.
With that been said, it's Gods choice. Whoever he pleases will be guided to the right path. However, there are numerous youth who are walking on the right path, which is tremendous .
On the other hand, lately I have been over hearing the new term called “Muslim proposal”
I’m not  against the Islamic law. Let me make this a fair game and explain to you the meaning  of“Muslim proposal “. The term means to go straight the wali (guardians) when you are interested to married to her. Now when I said “straight” I deadly mean straight, complete stranger.
I know what you are thinking, this is the Islamic sha’ria and it should done this way and NO other way. So what is your problem ?

My problem is I don’t like games!!!

This is how it goes. He goes to his parents and says : he is interested in such and such girl. His parents are thrilled with their son. With a blink of eye, they take off : to get her for him. She declares she never ever seen him nor watched a movie about him. Then they ask for her approval, she asked for her parents endorsement, "If and Only you guys are satisfied with him".

PINGG!! Magic happens
You noticed this too know each other.
The dilemma comes here, this is a twisted game. When the brother comes and asks for the sisters hand. And agreement takes place. 99% of them their intention is far fetched from marriage.

It’s a way to have one-on-time. But they refuse to call it “DATE” Wait, last time I checked, I don’t care whether the father gave her to you or not. Before that nikkah (Wedding ceremony ) take place it’s STILL Haram ( forbidden). I’m not trying to be racist nor anything in that kind of  nature, but this game was started by the Arab girls. And the cause is they are extremely controlled by their parents. The more you control your child the more they would want to go towards such an action.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A long Nap

Muslims are walking in the dark with one eye closed. Correct me if I’m to error, but
Don’t you see the thin line, that began from Iraq, (middle east( and will soon unite with the one that is dangling from Northern African, drag it upward from East Africa you will be able to connect it . . There are creatures in this world that would do anything, and I MEAN ANYTHING, to destroy every standing Muslim Nation.
They claim their obligation to “Protect Civilian” over their dictatorship. What happened to Iraq, where are the terrorist? Did they vanish to Palestine or Somalia or maybe they are resting in the corners of the Afghanistan Mountains. Oh wait I know they fled to Libya or maybe Tunisian, Oh no, are they hiding in Egypt. Have you heard about Iraq for the past 6 months? Have you seen an image of the land? YES” the “LAND” it doesn’t look like a land now but it was. They scream from the top of their lunges about “Humanitarian”. Don’t they see Palestine’s throwing rock and the Jews, and they are using Tanks?

That is okay?
What why, what happened to Human rights?
Shhhh They are Muslims.
Ohhh , Okay.
When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends. They’ll shed the blood of their brother for a foreign high-quality. They will demolish, and tear down every corner of their land for fame. They will risk their own soul for wealth. Guns don’t kill people — people do. The conspiracy is being held in our present, yet we choose to close our eyes, and pretend we don’t see it. They speak softly and warn each other “Beware of a man with one book”. Yet they denigrate the amount of blood that is pouring down the rivers. Yet they charge falsely, and blame the one behind you, the one next you to, and the one close to you. You and I, we both know they are off beam. But we choose not to elucidate. However they whisper to each other, “Don’t you dare turn the lights on for them”. Whoever takes such an action will be vaporized. You are not allowed to lend those lenses nor magnet. Don’t arouse them.

An Italian Artist drew sleeping lion. On top of it bugs where laying eating him up little by little. On top of the Lion he wrote “ISLAM. Can you imagine the worst case scenario, if that lion wake up from the nap. Hope you could get snap shot of the illustration here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Have you heard that blog will no longer be free. Yes, they are going to charge. How sad, thinking about quitting.

Did you believe that.. POOOYAA .. You just got pranked.

I've never fooled anyone on Aprils Fools Day, however I can not deny : I have been in  a conspiracy, helping others on their journey of prank. Even though I had pessimism felling about their precarious actions.  Nor have I ever been fooled, for some reason I am walking, talking calendar. I tend not to forget what day it is. I even know what day it will be 2019 June 3rd, it will be "Monday". JUST KIDDING!!!

Some people are haste decision makers, when it comes to April fools day, they  take it over the board. By scaring people to death , hurting them emotionally and Physically. This day is  supposed to be FUN!! Make you laugh and after wards make them laugh. 

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