Monday, April 4, 2011

A long Nap

Muslims are walking in the dark with one eye closed. Correct me if I’m to error, but
Don’t you see the thin line, that began from Iraq, (middle east( and will soon unite with the one that is dangling from Northern African, drag it upward from East Africa you will be able to connect it . . There are creatures in this world that would do anything, and I MEAN ANYTHING, to destroy every standing Muslim Nation.
They claim their obligation to “Protect Civilian” over their dictatorship. What happened to Iraq, where are the terrorist? Did they vanish to Palestine or Somalia or maybe they are resting in the corners of the Afghanistan Mountains. Oh wait I know they fled to Libya or maybe Tunisian, Oh no, are they hiding in Egypt. Have you heard about Iraq for the past 6 months? Have you seen an image of the land? YES” the “LAND” it doesn’t look like a land now but it was. They scream from the top of their lunges about “Humanitarian”. Don’t they see Palestine’s throwing rock and the Jews, and they are using Tanks?

That is okay?
What why, what happened to Human rights?
Shhhh They are Muslims.
Ohhh , Okay.
When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends. They’ll shed the blood of their brother for a foreign high-quality. They will demolish, and tear down every corner of their land for fame. They will risk their own soul for wealth. Guns don’t kill people — people do. The conspiracy is being held in our present, yet we choose to close our eyes, and pretend we don’t see it. They speak softly and warn each other “Beware of a man with one book”. Yet they denigrate the amount of blood that is pouring down the rivers. Yet they charge falsely, and blame the one behind you, the one next you to, and the one close to you. You and I, we both know they are off beam. But we choose not to elucidate. However they whisper to each other, “Don’t you dare turn the lights on for them”. Whoever takes such an action will be vaporized. You are not allowed to lend those lenses nor magnet. Don’t arouse them.

An Italian Artist drew sleeping lion. On top of it bugs where laying eating him up little by little. On top of the Lion he wrote “ISLAM. Can you imagine the worst case scenario, if that lion wake up from the nap. Hope you could get snap shot of the illustration here.


  1. Wow. Very powerful statement.It is a scary thought, indeed.