Friday, April 8, 2011

Muslim proposal

It’s quite tough to raise your offspring in western country, or even non Islamic countries.
With that been said, it's Gods choice. Whoever he pleases will be guided to the right path. However, there are numerous youth who are walking on the right path, which is tremendous .
On the other hand, lately I have been over hearing the new term called “Muslim proposal”
I’m not  against the Islamic law. Let me make this a fair game and explain to you the meaning  of“Muslim proposal “. The term means to go straight the wali (guardians) when you are interested to married to her. Now when I said “straight” I deadly mean straight, complete stranger.
I know what you are thinking, this is the Islamic sha’ria and it should done this way and NO other way. So what is your problem ?

My problem is I don’t like games!!!

This is how it goes. He goes to his parents and says : he is interested in such and such girl. His parents are thrilled with their son. With a blink of eye, they take off : to get her for him. She declares she never ever seen him nor watched a movie about him. Then they ask for her approval, she asked for her parents endorsement, "If and Only you guys are satisfied with him".

PINGG!! Magic happens
You noticed this too know each other.
The dilemma comes here, this is a twisted game. When the brother comes and asks for the sisters hand. And agreement takes place. 99% of them their intention is far fetched from marriage.

It’s a way to have one-on-time. But they refuse to call it “DATE” Wait, last time I checked, I don’t care whether the father gave her to you or not. Before that nikkah (Wedding ceremony ) take place it’s STILL Haram ( forbidden). I’m not trying to be racist nor anything in that kind of  nature, but this game was started by the Arab girls. And the cause is they are extremely controlled by their parents. The more you control your child the more they would want to go towards such an action.

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