Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'll not get married.

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 When men say, "I'll not get married. What does it mean to you. They are scared of commitment, or they just feel like they are not ready. Or maybe it's their way of saying , "I surely don't want to get married to you. It's among those three reasons. And more than likely, simply, they are not in to you. Same as, when they say, "One day you will make a great wife." Translation, You'll be a great wife to someone else. I can't take credit on that. Because when I say " You will make a great husband one day.

I mean it, so as other women. But if they really thinks that you are a great match. They won't say it out-loud. They don't  want you to shout it out, or spell it for others. (Or maybe not) However when they use that phrase They are just tying to boost your system. You're worthy, don't disgrace your self. (JUST NOT FOR ME,okay)

When they find someone that intrigues them and they can see themselves falling in love with them for the rest of there life, they're not going to delay, of course everything is in Gods hand. They have No power over that. Just like you won't delay to do what you waited for so long.
 Nor am I an expert in this area, neither do I desire to be. But I would love to be sociologist. Since I investigate social behavior. It became my new habit. 

                                       Quick Tips.
Unlike women. to protect their manhood, men don't show their full and complete love. (If you feel like he is not showing all, don't think he is not into you.)

If a man jokes about loving you. That is deal breaker don't waste anymore of your time. (He really is not in to you)
Unlike men, If a lady throws funny punchlines ( She really means it)

If you need to know more, or your confused about your relationship Contact me. I will spell it out for-you.:)

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  1. I totally disagree, with your Quick tips. 200% disagreement.

  2. I understant where you're coming from. But it's the fact in many cases. You still disagree? Just don't say 300% now :)