Thursday, April 14, 2011

I deeply Love My Twin

I don’t usually share this seclude with people I don’t know, but I will share this with you today.
I have a twin .  Why is that a secret? You might doubt. No I’m not a humiliated about my twin. Matter fact I’m proud of my twin. And Deeply in Love my Twin. I’m not addicted to my twin, I’m passionate about my twin.  My twin allows me to forget the past for quite some time.  My twin permits me to live in the golden world. My twin don’t tolerate when other utter negatively about me. My twin forbids me to work hard. My twin hinders my golden time. My twin holds on to the tip of my dress and get in my way. From time to time, I’m not strong enough to shove My twin out of my way. I fear to hurt my twin. Her name is “Sleep”. Yes, you read it right, sleep is her name. how much  I adore her I cannot emphasize.
You might be thinking, I must sleep a lot. WRONG! Usually, in life, when you have it, you don’t appreciate as much as when you lose it. For the longest time  I have slept for straight hours were 15 hours.

World record for sleeping the longest is 14 days and a half a day, set by Randy Gardiner in 1965. It’s fanatical isn’t it? It's extremely hard to believe. However I doubt if he was over dosed. Or he was taking drug. I was thinking about breaking the record this summer. But it’s just way too much. World Record for going the longest without sleeping, however, was 264 hours (11 days) set by 18 year old.  But If I were to choose between the two sleeping records. I would choose to sleep for 14 days, without a doubt.  Go figure. But for now, I was challenged by a friend. His recovered is 24 hours. I will make sure that happens in the summer. I will also make sure I get away from home. I can’t risk being awakened, when I’m half way done. :)

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  1. salaam deaar

    ha ha don't think I can beat those records my gosh sleepy heads! Funny post...