Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let your happiness cost less

When I was growing up, family was everything to me it was water, food, air, and everything in between that is essential to human kind. And my parents felt the same way, they loved us just as much maybe more. But every now and than it felt like there was someone else they loved more than their own children. Growing up I envied that person. His absence made my mom cry, my father angry. I wanted to hate it with all my heart but then his present made my mom smile and my father laugh.  As they gave him complete freedom over their happiness. I couldn't decide whether to intensely hate it or passionately love it. 

As I grew older the person stay the same, he would come and go, as they didn't have control over him. There were days when mom would leave home day light to look for him. It seemed as everything depended on him our education, food, shelter, and most importantly our smile was highly depended on him. 

I finally realized that mom and dad had different prospective over him. Dad was careless with him as he didn't care if it come or not, on the other hand mom was attentive and guarded him when he goes and comes. I decided to be like my dad, I liked the way he didn't care and let it go. Although I don't blame my moms she watched over him in order to protect us

. I wondered if there was a common ground? I wondered if his constant present would be the common ground?  than mom wouldn't guarded him too much and dad could embrace him without give him a total control over his life. 

My calculation were right but not quite there, I left out an important part of the equation. I have seen people who had it more. but never satisfied, I though to myself if he was present in our house that way, WE WOULD BE SATISFIED why aren't they happy. I realized that the more you have the more your happiness will cost. If you do have it constantly it's never enough unless you have something called iman.  Therefor always shoot for less, and your happiness will cost less.