Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Children will do it differently

My Children Will Do it Differently.

Out of the ashes of Sahara desert

As they exhale and inhale over dinner

My children will do it Differently

Africa stands a aloof and low from the rest of the nation

My children will do it differently

Hunger became our neighbor

My children will do it differently

pouring our brothers blood became our pleasure

My children will do it differently

Politician became their weapon.

My children will do it differently

Africa ranks  low in economy , lowest in humanity

My children will do it differently

I see it coming

Pain is all we feel and grim is what we see

My children will do it differently

The flash of your father drilling freely in the nail river

I see a change

My children will do it differently

A new list of blessings and wishes to come

So in grief and weary do our heart bleed.

My children will do it differently

Yes Generations of people born and die.

events take their place.


My children will do it differently

I seen winds and waves of new generation

I have stood and watched them grow and glow

perfectly , correctly , Humanly, Economically, Wisely


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our LAME poem :)

my soul longs for your arrival, Your sound beats my heart , your presence tingles every cell in my vein, Thinking about you please all my pains,

knowing your by my side relaxes my mind,Having you in my life is no regrets

making you cry with happiness is my biggest goal
Butting smile into your face is my = everyday journey

i will always be there to defeat your nigh mare called loneliness

I will always keep falling in love with you

I will be by your side while you go through the journey of birth

I will be next to, to comfort you and  Cherish  you every ups and downs

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Include the king in your life

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”Mahatma Gandhi . Isn't it time to get what is good for us? Mango has been our heirloom in our family.  In this speech I will address the health benefit of mango, many ways it is served, and how it will change your life.

Mango is known for it is rich healthy nutrition and vitamin. In recent research study prove that mango fruit protects against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. Especially mango is very effect on breast and colon cancer. If you are a person who eats mango regularly you are protected against heart attack. Mango is anti-acne in which you would have a very smooth and beautiful skin. It's health benefit is endless the ways you could enjoy it is endless.
You could enjoy mango in many different ways. For the sour mango’s you could eat it with salt and spice which is amazing, mouth watering ways to enjoy it. You can also blend mango, milk, yogurt, and sugar to make incredible smoothie. You could enjoy mango in many ways. The way to enjoy mango is limitless. As many ways as you enjoy mango it will definitely have a very big impact in your life.
Mango has changed many peoples life. It doesn't just have physical health benefit it is also beneficial for the psychology. It will sparkle your day giving you full energy. For the people who are concerned with their looks certainally  mango will bring out your true beauty. Mango has changed many people's attitude, look, and personality. Once you are hooked,  you are set for life.

 The importance and beneficiary of mango to humanity is endless. It is healthy choice, there is many ways you could enjoy it and it will impact your life in an imaginable ways. Mango is known to be king of fruits. Don't you think it is time to include the king in your life?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lonely loveSincerely felt left fallin in love alone..
was it a mistake falling in love.
.not knowing love would be painful.
..yesterday you pretended smile for loving me ..
.this isnt what i wishes for in so hurted..
.if loving you is a mistake
 then please let me live in dreams
and be single...

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

feel older then I am

Since I'm the youngest child of 6 , I always felt old compare to other kids. I started school when I was 9 years old. I felt like I was older then my classmates, even though some of them where older then I was. My mother brought me a doll when I was 6 or 7 . I use to play with them during the night under my blanket. I didn't want my family to see me, because I though I was old to play with dolls. I use to change the cartoon channel when someone walks in again I thought I was old for it. I was never out-side playing with the neighborhood kids. I use to watch them from the window and imagine my self playing with them. During lunch time, when my friends beg me to play with them "family game" I always player the mother character even though I use to love to play the daughter but I felt weird about it. Then they start calling me "GRANDMOTHER" I had an skeptical attitude about it .. but I was denying my age or questioning my age. Since I was told that I was born in the middle of the road, and my father and mother where opposing whether I was born on November or September? I doubted if they got the year right? I was always inside, spending time with my mother listening to the News. Approaching conversation with my siblings. And they always made my thought, a good one, thoughtful , exceptional. I mean I was young they could just ignore it and move on or worst tell me to shut up but that didn't happen.

That lifestyle is hunting me until today. I have friends that are older then me. I talk like an old lady there is no "fun" in my life.

I want to act silly once in a while. I want to wake up in the morning

sit down in my PJ' And watch family feud , Disney channel, cartoons, eat ice-cream just sit there, and fell sleep .. No worries about life No worries about the past nor the future. NO worries about school, about the family , money, or car, anything. JUST FOLLOW THE FLOW FREELY .. that is my fair-tale

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Man who poured gasoline on his 17year old orphan wife

Faduma Abdi is a 17 year old girl that lives In Nairobi, Kenya fled from Somalia in 1990 when the civil war broke down.
  both her mother and father were killed during the Civil War. Since everyone of her family took their separate path that they believed was safe for them, she does not know where her siblings are right now.

   Faduma was married when she was 14, but her marriage was not successful, but their friendship thrived after the divorce. At the age of 17 she got married again. The friendship of her previous marriage persisted. Her husband was jealous of her previous husband.
    Her new husband was all she had . But to him she was not everything , she said, One morning while I was cooking breakfast the phone rank , while she was in the middle of the conversation ; he poured gas on me and lighted a match ; I suddenly start to burn and he locked the door on me and left . No one knows where he is now. There is no place in my body that is not burned, and I can not move my hands nor feed my self, and the pain that I feel keeps me from sleeping she said
She now Lives with a friend. She can not move her hands, because her skin are attached together due to lack of treatment. Chairs have to be placed between my hands she said when I am about to sleep .

She asks for help. I have no one she said. The only person in my life is now my nightmare.
This is a horrific video showing the handiwork of a deranged man who poured gasoline on his 17year old wife

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our house

When I was a child we lived in a small house.
It was only two rooms. there was no kitchen. into four sections.

we divide it with curtains For privacy And then we took it off during the day. since we

were a big family. we also didn't had a kitchen we made the back room edges almost like a

kitchen Right next to where my Little brother slept. We placed all of the uncooked solid food, such as sugar, rice,flower etc..

Some time I use to switch places with him. he had allergies. After two steps and so on. My FATHER

USE TO SLEEP THERE. the back of his bed , we used it as closet.

'all of our clothes were placed in few big Bags. and right in the middle we hanged a string, of course to hang cloths that was washed.

the back room was half kitchen and half closet, and laundry .and the front room

we tried to keep it as neat as possible. on the middle we placed a Rags to sit on, in front we placed a

T.v and DR. to the left there was buckets full of water : some times the water use to stop running. so kept them in there, just in case.

next to it, was bucket of gas to cook and next to it was the stove.

and to the right was my favorite part of the house. Where the actually cooked food was placed.

after it, was  4 boxes of shoes, two of them belonged to my  father, he was  big fan of shoes. and the other two was for us ladies.

the walls where black and white. The original paint was whitish, but after years of cooking

inside the house. the flame of the coal changed the painting to

black and white. now and then we tried cleaning it. some stains where removed and

others stayed there as part of the family. we also placed some beautification's on the wall, but they too changed the color

after while they even lost their beauty.. the floor was made out of cement. when ever it got wet we had to clean it right away.

and did it few times during the day. usually after breakfast and dinner. we also had one small window. we also used the edges of that

window for shampoos and soaps for shower. in case your wondering where we took shower and took care of business. was also in the room.

just kidding.yes, we did had everything in the two rooms and did everything but we didn't use it as restroom of course. The bathroom was

a public bathroom the whole neighborhood shared it. I mean you could actually see the the dinner you had 4 days ago. in case your forgot

what you ate. and what your neighbor had to. The restroom was pretty unhealthy and nasty place. rats, bugs and everything in between was living

in it. The house might be small from the outside but it was immense from inside. full of love and care was also on the edges and every -where in between..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not just a year older, but a year better.

Getting older.. not It's my B-DAY,, Ok it was my B-day.. yeah I almost forgot it....

That is ..the sign that I am literally getting old.. and close to die,, I usually think of it that way.. And No I'm not depressed okay maybe  a little  Now and then..birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.”  No one gave me a gift.. No one cares  . do you blame for being depressed now.

May allah bestow me with a healthier year, and the most success and happies one. And May I reach the next year insha'alah. Amiin

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak [Happy Eid] to everyone!!!! Ramadan has come to a bittersweet end.. Thank to Allah,  If you reached and finished this blessed month, with a perfect healthy. surely those who were with us last Ramadan were not with us  this one.  and Allah knows whether we will reach the next one insha'allah..  it's not the end of your ajir.du'a and prayers. Keep up with your hard work. And get close to Allah swt insha'allah.
May we be among those who,prayers and  du'a and fasting were eccepted insha'allah...

Eid Mubarak kulu caam wa'antu bikheyr

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Need Eyes to tear, But We don’t need eyes to see


                         Our eyes are Important, But not essential

         God is so generous and openhanded. But us humans are the tightfisted. Yet some of us, do ask ourselves. Why? Why Am I in this situation. What did I do to deserve this. What we forget is to look at those who are below us. Yet we raise our head so high and look at those who are above us.

Our wealth and our beauty are ineffectual. But those who are well-heeled forget the little things in life. And those who are unfortunate are so concerned about the immense. You don’t need wealth to be happy. You don’t need beauty to be sexy. And you sure do not need EYES to see. The money we have may not buy us what we want. And our attractiveness may not get us those we adore. And our Eyes do not see what our heart can see.

We look at things and not see, thus our brain in some-where else. We touch and not feel. Because our heart is not aware.
We do not need eyes to see, nor feel. Hence our eyes are there to illusion that there is something is in front of us. Our solitary organ is more important , “The heart”. Our eyes age, and get weaker, thus we lay on a man made. An object consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses. In order to see clearly or far. But our heart stayes young, and strong. Nor does it need synthetic to observe, or adore. Our emotions and mood and sense are based on our heart.
Without it, we would not have most of our comprehension, and perception. Our eyes are Important, But they surely are not essential.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


   There are perhaps no days of our life that we live so fully as our childhood .. Once a wise gentleman said “The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age.
They were best buddies when they where young. Thus they sometimes fought . about the most sillies things, such as who spited fast, or far. Which car first started going after the red light. But that didn’t stop them from being there for each other. Nor did they spend a day without arguing. Those who were not familiar with them, error them as siblings. Day –by-day. Their friendship blossomed. They had many things in common, such as the love they had for candy. They once decided to steal one. And prepared a plan.

He went in, and she took over to keep the employer busy. Since she knew that, the man was a big fan of politics, she start a random conversation about theory of politics and the description and analysis of political systems.  the man himself couldn’t follow her arbitrary chat. He suddenly start to be suspicious. And come across of the boy who was about to place the candy under his shirt. However their plan was not successful this time, they were caught. The employer informed their unpleasant act to their parents. consequence that her parents made was not to meet his again. That was unbearable to both of them. As constant they always broke the rule.
Then they grow up. Things changed. As they fell into each others hands. Got married. nothing could come between them, was their slogan. Many thing changed since they grow up, accept they continued to argue day by day. Every time one gets mad they always said to each other ” Can I get my heart back now”. Such when the other wants to apologize inquired “ do you still want your heart back”.
They were married for 3 years happily. Except no one joined their family. They desperately wanted a child.

One day they decided to go check  themselvesTo figure out the dilemma. The next day when the resulted came. the sounds she heard was dreadful to her ears. The doctor discovered that she was infertile (unable to give birth). She became depressed about the awful news. She was aware of the love he had for children. She start to convince him to get married again. Although he always refused to be A polygamist. He also informed her that, Until she is a life he won’t leave her side. The bond they shared was stronger then a timber. She had done all she could to induce him. As he always refused. Just to make him happy, or at least she thought he would be happy. She murdered her self. The life became useless to him. After he lost his wife. Then he found her diary, hit upon, he too killed him self.

Sometimes. We try so hard to give to those we love. But we also forget what is most important to them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deep down. Pull it

An example of a "perfect flower", th...Image via Wikipedia
   I always tried to stand out from others, and some how I always wanted to be invisible. I know there is something in side me, something hidden deep down,

So hard to reach it , too tough to pull it. Mostly I do it for my own safety, my heart breaks easily with the words that come out of others. Yet it keeps me motivated and irritated, at the same moment I have the capacity to walk on the top if the zenith as far as I can, but the sad part is when time passes by, once again I turn back to the person I was . The feeling that something is in me that need to be blossomed, to blast . To many things going in my little brain. someone young as I’m should enjoy their life.

Every morning should be a new day, to smile, laugh, enjoy, be happy, fantasize .

I ‘m grateful , every second I’m gratified to allah . The one that kept me healthy and happy. I try to ignore the little voices of devil , that utters in my hears with cheerless words. Thus I’m weak enough to trip over those words most of the times.
Don’t let my strength trick you.You might be stronger then me physically . But I am not weaker then you emotionally. Don’t judge me by the smile, that is on my face, 24/7.You might look depressed then me. But I am not cheerful as you are.

                                 The world looks at me as companion

I look at it as stranger

People look at me sensible

I look at them at idiotic

Life treats me as enemy

I look at is as friend

Sometimes it pushes me to the edge

Thus, I pull my self back.

Thus, I sometimes cry under my blanket.

Hence, My pillow doesn’t enlighten me, not tells me to stop it.

Nor does it informs me that everything will be okay.

There are two types of people.

The once that give you.

And the once that take from you.

Thus, I am fond of the once that take it from me.

So much to share

Less to shade

There are two kind of people.

The once that love you

And those that hate you

Hatred takes too much of energy

But love takes plenty of tears.

Two sort of people

The once that laugh at you

And those who cry for you

Laughter receives

tears dispatch .

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How I met your mom

                                                           How I met your mom.

 Mother use to wake as up early during the summer. So that we could practice, recite the quraan before  it’s time to go to school. It was dark in our room. We use to shift over to our fathers room a bit, since his room had a window, aglow, to get a light to read the quran.

We use to play games. When my mother goes to the kitchen. And make each other laugh. One time he told me story about how our parents met.

He said that, mother was rich and my father was poor. So he had a job at the gas station. Where my mother and her friends arrived to get a gas. They were talking loud. And debating about life. And all the sudden mother said “ I hate divorce” and father peeked thought the window, to see her face. He was delighted by the beautiful words that come out  of her mouth,what is  gorgeous lady he whisperd. At first sight he knew she was the one. All the sudden a man came running and took her “shaash” (traditional scarf) and father ran after the guy and brought back her scarf.


Mama; I don’t know what to say ,thank you

Dad; Anytime, for a such a beautiful lady like you.

Mom.;Smirked, and looked down, bashfulness

Months pasted by, and they decided to get married. But there was one problem.

Grandfather, didn’t want her to get married to a such a poor man.

So they couldn’t meet each other anymore. They use to communicate by, hiding their letters under a rock. And mother couldn’t bare her love. she made up her mind, decided to run away. Father was religions man and didn’t want her to take awful steps. So he refused. His respond was heartbreaking to mother. And she discontinued their secret relationship. Grandfather find out their letters . And realized how respectful and mannered father was. And let them live happily. And they got married around the most important object in their life, which was the rock, they use to hide the letters.

I use to love my brothers tale stories. And the way he told them was always funny.

Even though it was half true and half false. They did meet in gas-station.

A place where people meet are absolutely important. No matter where, gas station. To airports, restaurants, school, work place.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

illegal hunting, is more important then humans life.

                 If we could only put our difference a side.
The previews months, the UN have been inquired the African countries to send troops to Somalia. A country that had been in Civil war for the past 20 years. For diverse of causes. When the government was over thrown in 1990, disparity of two clans. When indicted the president the act of Betrayal towards the opposed trib. Ever since , Somalia have not settled down for the past 20 years.
Back in 2007 , the government request an assist from the neighborhood country, Ethiopia. When they answered the call.

And send troops. The society start to shout and holler at the government for bring a foreigner troops. Despite the fact, that they refused the troops for being an infidel. But also that previews conflict that had took place between Ethiopia and Somalia.
Then, an Islamic insurgency called “ Al-shabaab” ( movement of worrier youth ) approached the conflict. and called it the conflict “jihad” (the holy war waged by Muslims against infidels)

And to throw out the troops that the government asked for assist.

Many of Somalian people viewed this fight as “a pay back time”.Seeing that the Ethiopian troops were not there to help but for revenge. The war that took place between Ethiopia and Somalia in 1977. Victory was taken by Somalia.

In 2009 when the term was over. And Ethiopian troops went back. Since no one appreciate them. And elections took place. People were disparate for peace, and tranquility. The elections were won by the “al shabaab group. Which gave the Somalia people a false hope. Nothing got better except it got worst. Despite the fact that they made the society act and perform what they call the sharia law” or Islamic law. Which they used it incorrectly, and offended the name of “Islam”. Taking a huge steps such as cutting heads and legs and arms unkindly and inhumanity.
In the 2010 the United Nation organization requested international peace and security from the African countries to lend a hand fellow neighbors. As many African countries answered the call and showed passionate. 6000 peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi now stationed in Somalia's capital to protect the transitional government there. Pledged to add 400 troops. As the Ethiopian government denied the request. The president of Ethiopia, said the they had lost a lot of troops and the outcome was pessimistic. As no one appreciated them back in 2007.

Never less Uganda government approved a request to send 2000 more troops to the Somalia. Al-Shabaab threatened the Uganda government. The 11th of July in the capital of Uganda, Kampala blasts killed 76 people watching the World Cup finals on T.V at gathering. The al-shabab group took the responsibility.

Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, responded to the attack, and informed the terrors that he is not backing off. Until he reaches the zenith of when non-of them existence in Somalia, he also added that in short time the troops will take hug step to vanish the terrors.
Nevertheless also Botswana will not send troops to Somalia, thought it can provide logistics to the African union.The foreign affairs minister told the press in Gaborone that he Botswana has its hands full with anti-poaching activities, sound like the illegal hunting, is more important then humans life.

As he added we have to protect our wildlife rather then send troops to Somalia. At the summit in Kampala.
As sending more and more troops would help. Would it. watch and see.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Favorite time of the year

                                               My favorite time of the year.

Yes” Ramadan is here, after 8 days. Insha’allah, eat as much as you can.I did it last year it wasn’t good.But it’s not all about food, there is reason behind it.Ask Allah to enable you to reach Ramadan and to get the most out of it as the Salaf used to do.

The month of Ramadan is a month in which the Mercy and Blessings of Allah Ta'ala descend upon us continuously.

The whole Qur'aan was sent down to the first sky from Lawhe Mahfooz.
There is the night of Qadr, which is better than 1000 months.
The thawaab of good deed is equal to the fardh of another month. The daily bread of Muslims is increased.
The first ten days of Ramadan are MERCY

During the first ten days of Ramadan mercy is sought by Muslims who are participating in Ramadan, or those who are fasting. The Mercy that is sought during the month of Ramadan by Muslims can be divided into four important areas of erudition:

The second ten days of Ramadan are forgiveness.

The middle Ashra of Ramadan is the time for Maghfirah; the time to wash off our sins. Ramadan is the month to seek Forgiveness and repentance. Having witnessed the Mercy of Allah (SWT) by thanking Him for all that He has granted us, by being good to everyone and keeping ourselves at peace.
The last ten days are being freed from hell
Lailatul Qadr means the night of honour and dignity. It is this night in which the first Divine Revelation came to the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam, when he was in prayer in the cave of Hira. Since this night enjoys the honour of having the first revelation brought to the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam, it has been named Lailatul Qadr.

This is one of the holiest and most blessed nights, which is likely to occur on one of the odd nights on the last ten days of Ramadhan and most likely to be the 27th. The reward of worship on this night is better than the worship of a thousand months of worship, equivalent to a person's lifetime. So, on this night one should pray nafil namaz, recite the Quran, do Tasbih, Zikr, Duas, etc as much as possible.
Aishah (RA): “Allah’s Messenger used to practice I`itikaf in the last ten nights and say: ‘Seek out Lailatul-Qadr in the (odd nights) of the last ten of Ramadan.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

What are you waiting for? Make moves..Meep Meep.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Worst enemy and our Best friend.

                                                                 My enemy.

                     Technology is our worst enemy and our Best friend.

Back when I was unfamiliar with technology. I use to do a lot of things. I used my time wisely.I use to go to religions study for 1hr. then go to school. After school. Depending on what day of the week it’s , I use to do diverse of things. Play soccer, Visit family members, Help out in the community. Tutor children. And increase my knowledge in my own spare time .

Then I was introduce to computers , and T.V’s and cell phones, Cars.

Real talk, computers made me dim-witted, T.V made me indolent. And cell phone made me verbose and sluggish. Car made us chubby. when introduced social networking website
 It emerged. Things got “ugly”. Personally I was addicted to many of them. First it was hi5 and then myspace, msn, facebook. Now that I drag myself out of facebook world. I fall into the arms of “blogging” I wonder what is next. Officially time is tighter nowadays to all of us.

Cell phones.
Back in the days. There was only home phones. That you use mostly for emergency. And to greet family members. When you want to chatter with friends. Either they visit you, or you visit them. Which came in handy the you take a walk.

Then cars became the “mr right” to the closed things, such your neighbors and friends. Even if they are a block away. No one wants to walk. Get in your car and drive. Life is trouble-free. Painless and effortless.
Many of as don’t understand that “our best friends ” are our worst enemies.

But “hey” who  am I to tell you this. They also come in handy. Can’t live without them can’t live with them. But hopefully we will mange to keep in limit.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


    A small house that had nothing valuable in it except humans life. About 2 am at midnight mother woke as up . she didn’t utter a word, except exit from the window! We did as she said without a query. When we went out-side everything was shining from the fire blaze. Houses were burning, people were screaming, children crying , mothers weeping. There were gun shots. The rebels enter the village. I didn’t knew what was happening . my sisters decided to go back. I hide my self in the bushes in front of our house. I was frightened so I didn’t move. But I had perfect view of what was going on.
The bad guys were dragging the people. I looked at my left hand and I saw them dragging my family, they hit my father on the back of the gun, almost killed him. And raped my mother. I saw something a child nor an adult shouldn’t see. I closed my eyes maybe it’s a nightmare and I would wake up from it. Then I opened my eyes when . my uncles flash covered my face. He too was killed.
They took what was valuable and what they could carry. After watching all of those terror, my body began to tremble. It start raining. Just for a comfort I slept next to my uncles dead body.

In the morning the village looked like it what the end of the world , there were no creature, no sound , nothing but a dead bodies.

I decided to go to the next village, Hoping it would be more suitable. I walked for hour, and miles when I reached there, it was an identical image to the previews village.
I was thirsty and hungry. I knocked a door and no one answered. There were terrified people sitting outside, holding their dead or wounded family member. There was a mother, early 30th who was holding her baby on her lab and his organ on one hand, just staring, closing, clearing her eyes far-fetched. Things were ugly.
The next morning, hope” was what they all looked forward to. The unpleasant odor approaching towed the dead bodies were unbearable.

they over throw the government, and took the power. There rules and laws was intolerable many flee to neighborhood countries.

                                                                               True story?

                                                                      You decide!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Being the youngest

             Being the youngest child is what I always regretted about.

 Usually, most of people will think that being the youngest child in the family is the best, because they think being the baby of the family, they can get the privileges, and special treatment from your parents and siblings.

  Being the youngest child in a family has definite an advantages and disadvantages. You take order from everyone. You always depend on others, hard time believing that you can ever be/ do anything. you never quite measure up to the other kids, Your thought are regarded as worthless, their message are unwise, their view are ignored. To say it in impolite way they are not respected.

When ever I inform others that I am the youngest child. Their responds are always positive. Based on the myth. They assume your treated as princess or prince. That your sound is “the drums beats” of the family.

There are some advantages. Even though you can’t measure it up to the disadvantages. You live for free. “yeah” you eat, sleep, use their stuff for free. That is if you know their credit card pin#, all you have to do is, go with them, and peak when they type it. There is nothing devilish about that. No one expects anything from you. You don’t need a job. Depend on them. You can’t do anything ahead of them.

When I was young, I always wished to grow up fast. Now that I am grown I still want to grow, theoretically your never too old for them, unless you pause them for some years. And your parents thing you are the same age as you were last year. Clarification your never grown. You’re the only one that knows your age. “MAYBE” if they didn’t chop years down.

I did learn how to overcome it . and expect their anticipation . I learned many things. To protect you and them. “KEEP IT QUIET AND AGREE.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

No one keeps promise. They all tell you what you want to hear.

                            loyal to me                                    
What came between you and me.

     Today as I was cleaning up my room I come across with someones phone number. Someone that never called me nor talked to me. I wondered why? She was a good friend as I was to her. But what I discovered is that people around us were not happy with our relationship. Everyone considered as “sisters. We were attached. Though tick and thin.
    One day as we where going to school, transportation was hard to get, elections were taking place, and we got in the wrong bus.We knows it after while. When he start saying “ saris” I suppose, he was going to where we wanted, all the sudden he changed his mind. Since most of the people at the bus station happened to be going to the place where they were placing their vote. Anyhow we had to get off the bus. And we didn’t had money , we did had money, but we didn’t have enough money to go to school, and go home.

We could go to school, and call home. But we made a better decision.

We decided to take the day off. There was a boycott taking place at the election spot. We joined them, cheering, making fun of them. We even made a friends with an old lady, she was really friendly. Until she start cussing this man who was voting for the contrary. Then it started raining. All the sudden everyone disappeared. we almost thought it wasn’t going to stop. Afterward we then approached where the o republicans where having sit-in- And we joined them and “boo” secretly of course, or they would beat the crab out of us .

One day it was over, I went to her house, she said someone told her something “ she said he said stuff”. She also refused to tell me who. And what. That’s why I don’t let people tell me rumors, or else I will drag them to who ever they were talking about. No kidding.. well she stopped talking to me. She wasn’t open to me as she was anymore. Our friendship discontinue, after that day. She was an open person, down to earth. What made her, stay away from me was firm.

And I stopped making friends. Because all they do is come and go. They make promise and break it. You take them for granted and all you know is, it’s over. They enter easily, but they stay in you mind and heart for ever. We even made a promise that, we would married two brothers, and raise our kids in Hawaii. And if our first child turns out to be boy. That we would dump them in the trash. Later all we said to each other was “hi”. We where friends for so long. I identify that the person between us was her little sister, I just Rather her to lose a friend then a sister. Till that days, taking people as friend became tough to me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I hate LOVE


The first day of school, what you expect is, New teachers, New classes, New Students, New supplies. I was the quiet child, who had 1 friend just like him/her. I was picky about the place I sit, I liked to sit next to certain people . As we had a new Teacher, she came up with new rules. “Alphabetical order” sitting chart, miserably everyone took their new sit. As I was expecting I had to sit with strangers, in between a boy and girl. When I thought this can’t get worst. She picked me as “class monitor”. I was the kind of person that doesn’t like to order people. I disliked it , But I had no choice, but to sucked it up. The advantage was that I didn’t had to sit in-between strangers with unpleasant odor approaching among them.

It was finally Friday, I was in high spirit, got use to the students a little better, and I couldn’t wait to go home. Someone who I can’t exactly re-call, brought me a paper. After we came back from lunch. It had my name on top , I opened it, it said.

I love you


what kind of reaction do you anticipate from 10 year old.
“Yes” I cried,
subsequently I went home. My sister asked what is wrong, I didn’t told her. I straight went to my dad. and gave him the paper. Well he looked at me and said, there are unmannered kids. Just ignore it. And he left. I was surprised by his reaction, I expected more then that, I expected him to go and beat the crab out of him. I said aren’t you going to do something. He smiled, and said. What did you expect me to do. Those kind of stuff happen. I was so mad. It was echoing in my ears till the next day “ those kind of stuff happen”.

I hated that boy, so bad that I didn’t talk to him after that day.

Looking back, today “yes” it’s funny. I would laugh too, but childhood is a puzzle

The star of my life

   The most vital person in my life is my grandfather . He was sixty eight years old when he died and his height was five eight with white beard small head that is bald, brown eyes, and small nose. He taught me how to read and write Arabic. Every day after school he called me to his room and taught me the alphabet of Arabic. It was difficult since I loved to play outside rather than stay in room reading all day long. He knew one thing that could keep me in the room for long period of time. That is a mango one of my favorite fruit. It was also his favorite fruit. He tutored me for two weeks continuously then I memorized them. I thought I was done. He then said “now let’s do the writing part.”

   The writing part was the most difficult one. He didn’t let me use pencil, pen, or paper. We used the traditional writing tools called “looh” a flat bored that is curved of tree four feet tall and one foot wide. And “qaad” which is made of the black powder that is inside batteries or from charcoals to make an ink. The pen was quill made of stick that is flattened. We carried on the writing part for three weeks. It was one of the best thing I had learn at that time the only thing I had learn, I was only nine years old.

He was an adventures person. Every weekend he used to take me
and my friends to camping. I invited two of my friends. He told us we going to walk to the forest that was ten mile away from the city. He told us that walking to the camp is part of the adventure. Since we kids loved adventure that was the key word he used mostly to make us do something. At early morning when we all gathered our camping stuff and came to him. He told us we aren’t taking anything except blankets and a bottle of water to get us to the forest. He said “nature will provide us with the food.” We eat most the food that we were going to take and left the rest. He gave us each a pocket knife for hunt. We started marching at seven a.m. while we were walking we asked him to tell us a story. He said he isn’t a good story teller so he appointed me to tell a story since I was a good story teller. I told them I will tell a true story they got excited.

“Once upon a time there were two twin brothers who have never seen a city life. They lived in the forest. They have never seen any technology except cars. You can’t tell apart which is which. They looked alike in every characteristic. They were both tall, with black curly hair. They had big eyes and small nose. Their sister lived in a big city her aunts took her when she was 5 years old. After twenty years later she decided to bring them to city. They were astonished when they saw how big, confusing, and crowded the big city is. They never seen large city in their life. The next day their sister took them to a neighbor so they could earn someone by doing house work. The neighbor told them wash his dog, clean the house, and leave. He left to work. They were dazzled for a while on how to wash a dog. One of them grabbed the dog and put him in the laundry machine. After a little while he came and took the dog out dead and he hanged it on string where they hanged the cloth. When the man came home he was shocked with what they did to his dog and his TV. He called the police. When they were asked why they killed the dog they said he told us to wash him and we put him in laundry. The man was stunned by their stupidity and let them off the hook and fired them with out paying them a cent. They went home and told their sister what they have done. They told her that city life is hell and they went back to their home.”

But Remember

    It was almost 12:00 midnight, a hobo  knocked the door's that the light were on, he doubt if the people inside were awake, a women answered the door and after noticing the hobo, without a word she shut her door. The man walked little far away, searching for house with lights on, after passing few doors, he knocked another house, but there was no answer. And walked away to the next door. An old man peaked out from the window and shouted at him , get lost loser! The man whispered I’m not loser. With the lots of rejection that he had acknowledge that night

With little hope he knocked a door, unlike the other once, after one knock a lady answered with delighted face, backing up, she whispered sorry, I was expecting my husband. She continue, what can I do for you? With timid he said, I’m traveler, and I have oversight to my direction, he explained and I haven’t ate all day long . Little girl, pointed plate of food with her little hands, pointing upwards to reach his hands., she suggested, here, you can have dad’s food, since he is late!

They gave him food and glass of milk. He thank them and left.

After years the man came back to the village, more successful and decided to show gratitude. As he was passing the by he saw the old man who, shouted at him “loser get lost”. He sat next to him, and asked, what kind of person would call a loser? The old man answered, someone who can’t help themselves, someone who is no longer wanted, someone who is treat less then human. Someone who can’t take care of themselves. The man said well, what kind of name would you call me? The old man replied, if I could only see. As him self became blind. He felt guilty, showing passionate he ask if there is anything he could do for him? The Old man, cried out loud that I didn’t heard those words for while, but please I doubt this might be the last time I hear it, so, I no longer what to live in a place that I’m not wanted nor, respected.

The man was thunderstruck, after the silence, he continued, When I was a child I always wanted a grandfather, I imagined what it would be like if I had the opportunity to spend time with him. It’s never too late said the old man.

I doubt, isn’t it arrogance when one spends the day and night in the cold and hot, rainy and windy, and I warm my self when it’s cold, and cool my body when it’s hot. They say life is not fair. But “How” is, what I ask , How did they and we know. What if I share what little I have, and give what I want, and take what they don’t, what if Life is fair. And we make it unfair. With the love that we have for wealthy, and arrogance, what if we guide on another, pick each other up, and dust them off, and show them the way, because life is love, but not long..

we call them Stranger, and keep our kids away from them. And SHUT OUR DOOR! We love wealthy so much, We wonder how they will harm our wealth, shift them away from our property.

BUT remember life is day and night, yours will come and go.