Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The star of my life

   The most vital person in my life is my grandfather . He was sixty eight years old when he died and his height was five eight with white beard small head that is bald, brown eyes, and small nose. He taught me how to read and write Arabic. Every day after school he called me to his room and taught me the alphabet of Arabic. It was difficult since I loved to play outside rather than stay in room reading all day long. He knew one thing that could keep me in the room for long period of time. That is a mango one of my favorite fruit. It was also his favorite fruit. He tutored me for two weeks continuously then I memorized them. I thought I was done. He then said “now let’s do the writing part.”

   The writing part was the most difficult one. He didn’t let me use pencil, pen, or paper. We used the traditional writing tools called “looh” a flat bored that is curved of tree four feet tall and one foot wide. And “qaad” which is made of the black powder that is inside batteries or from charcoals to make an ink. The pen was quill made of stick that is flattened. We carried on the writing part for three weeks. It was one of the best thing I had learn at that time the only thing I had learn, I was only nine years old.

He was an adventures person. Every weekend he used to take me
and my friends to camping. I invited two of my friends. He told us we going to walk to the forest that was ten mile away from the city. He told us that walking to the camp is part of the adventure. Since we kids loved adventure that was the key word he used mostly to make us do something. At early morning when we all gathered our camping stuff and came to him. He told us we aren’t taking anything except blankets and a bottle of water to get us to the forest. He said “nature will provide us with the food.” We eat most the food that we were going to take and left the rest. He gave us each a pocket knife for hunt. We started marching at seven a.m. while we were walking we asked him to tell us a story. He said he isn’t a good story teller so he appointed me to tell a story since I was a good story teller. I told them I will tell a true story they got excited.

“Once upon a time there were two twin brothers who have never seen a city life. They lived in the forest. They have never seen any technology except cars. You can’t tell apart which is which. They looked alike in every characteristic. They were both tall, with black curly hair. They had big eyes and small nose. Their sister lived in a big city her aunts took her when she was 5 years old. After twenty years later she decided to bring them to city. They were astonished when they saw how big, confusing, and crowded the big city is. They never seen large city in their life. The next day their sister took them to a neighbor so they could earn someone by doing house work. The neighbor told them wash his dog, clean the house, and leave. He left to work. They were dazzled for a while on how to wash a dog. One of them grabbed the dog and put him in the laundry machine. After a little while he came and took the dog out dead and he hanged it on string where they hanged the cloth. When the man came home he was shocked with what they did to his dog and his TV. He called the police. When they were asked why they killed the dog they said he told us to wash him and we put him in laundry. The man was stunned by their stupidity and let them off the hook and fired them with out paying them a cent. They went home and told their sister what they have done. They told her that city life is hell and they went back to their home.”

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