Friday, July 23, 2010

What goes Around comes Around

“I hate you” really? Or do they say it because they didn’t got what they want
Why are most of American kids bad mannered ? impolite toward their parent and their teachers. Do you children listen to you, do you want them to obey you

But you try your best and you don’t receive it, you search out respect from you own children ?

Coming to American as a child I have seen a lot of thing that are extremely out of limit toward children. Like they say an apply doesn’t fall far from a tree”

Most of the times children do what they learn from their parents. The major crisis comes from when parents change their mind “let them off the hook”

Then next time they will deem that you will forgive them again, therefore it keeps going. However if you stick with your words next time they won’t do it.
The 2nd calamity is “go to your room” reality your treating your teen like a dog.
How? When you tell them to go to their room some teen think that is their room“Knock” don’t interrupt “ Hello I pay the pill, my house not your. YES It’s good to respect their privacy,but  they have to know that it’s yours house, , at the same time that privacy has to have a boundary.

Treat them as you wanted to be treated when you were their age. Show them that they are capable of doing things. Don’t wait till they go to college or move out. Why not teach them now. Americans think it’s disgrace to live with your parent when u get old, we Africans we been thought that we should take turns. We the children should take care of our parents when we grow older, and not run away from them when they need us the most, to be around them and take care of them, yet American children by the time their parents reach elderly age. They place them in nursing house. Have you ever thought about why do I have to carry a child for 9 month ,breast feed them, cloth them, teach them bad from good, educated them , then finally teach them how to be “INDEPENDENT” then they are gone. Why would I raise a child for 18 years that will not help me when in need a shoulder to lean on, if you ask me it’s one hot ruined 18 years.

I over heard story once. There was a man and his wife, and their son. She use to take care of her Mother. They gave her a room, separate from their house. To aloof the mother-in-law, they even gave her food with home made plate. As a mother found her child one day, her son making a plat. She asked him, why are you making it? He said well grandma has one. This will be yours when you reach grandma’s age! What goes around comes around.

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