Saturday, July 3, 2010


Waking up and looking forward to a new day.
Hooyo woke us up and she rushed us to grab scarf
We asked what happed hooyo didn’t answer.
We went out side leaving everything we had
People were screaming and mothers holding their young covered with blood
A grow man crying, a toddler walking by their self while the gun were like a drizzling rain
Old men was about to be killed he had a 2 min to live until he took his T-Shirt off the cloth became more important then a human life.
Finally it was shady and we asked hooyo why were the bad guys killing everyone.
Hooyo looked at us and said because they are bad men.
Everyone was crying, I look at hooyo and she smiled at me.
I wonder why hooyo wasn’t crying. I look at her eyes deep down there were a load of tear but she won’t release it .
We moved to another zone, people were staring at us, the hunger, the sadness, the fear and how miserable we looked was revealed in our faces,
They placed us in a camp. With littler food and not enough space.
Hooyo said we will share what we have.
When I asked how can we share when its not enough.
Hooyo whispered, the heart of muslim is
filled with love.

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