Friday, July 30, 2010


Being the youngest

             Being the youngest child is what I always regretted about.

 Usually, most of people will think that being the youngest child in the family is the best, because they think being the baby of the family, they can get the privileges, and special treatment from your parents and siblings.

  Being the youngest child in a family has definite an advantages and disadvantages. You take order from everyone. You always depend on others, hard time believing that you can ever be/ do anything. you never quite measure up to the other kids, Your thought are regarded as worthless, their message are unwise, their view are ignored. To say it in impolite way they are not respected.

When ever I inform others that I am the youngest child. Their responds are always positive. Based on the myth. They assume your treated as princess or prince. That your sound is “the drums beats” of the family.

There are some advantages. Even though you can’t measure it up to the disadvantages. You live for free. “yeah” you eat, sleep, use their stuff for free. That is if you know their credit card pin#, all you have to do is, go with them, and peak when they type it. There is nothing devilish about that. No one expects anything from you. You don’t need a job. Depend on them. You can’t do anything ahead of them.

When I was young, I always wished to grow up fast. Now that I am grown I still want to grow, theoretically your never too old for them, unless you pause them for some years. And your parents thing you are the same age as you were last year. Clarification your never grown. You’re the only one that knows your age. “MAYBE” if they didn’t chop years down.

I did learn how to overcome it . and expect their anticipation . I learned many things. To protect you and them. “KEEP IT QUIET AND AGREE.


  1. I really don't know what to say on this , because I am sailing through the same boat ...I hate it when people resort back as " you are lucky" I hate that ..Coz I know thats not the truth .. Well I do kinda same , Just keep quiet , even if I dont agree ! Coz , since you are the youngest , you got the most little energy to fight back than the biggies and end up with a bad label ..!

  2. you got it sis.. it's soo true.. there is no enough power :)

  3. salam sis.

    Im neither youngest nor eldest but in between those two. Im treated with justice,love,care and kindness just like other siblings are treated.Anways children much be treated with equal justice n love ,else there will be family/social discords.

  4. lol i find this one funny..nice blog tho keep up my sista