Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But Remember

    It was almost 12:00 midnight, a hobo  knocked the door's that the light were on, he doubt if the people inside were awake, a women answered the door and after noticing the hobo, without a word she shut her door. The man walked little far away, searching for house with lights on, after passing few doors, he knocked another house, but there was no answer. And walked away to the next door. An old man peaked out from the window and shouted at him , get lost loser! The man whispered I’m not loser. With the lots of rejection that he had acknowledge that night

With little hope he knocked a door, unlike the other once, after one knock a lady answered with delighted face, backing up, she whispered sorry, I was expecting my husband. She continue, what can I do for you? With timid he said, I’m traveler, and I have oversight to my direction, he explained and I haven’t ate all day long . Little girl, pointed plate of food with her little hands, pointing upwards to reach his hands., she suggested, here, you can have dad’s food, since he is late!

They gave him food and glass of milk. He thank them and left.

After years the man came back to the village, more successful and decided to show gratitude. As he was passing the by he saw the old man who, shouted at him “loser get lost”. He sat next to him, and asked, what kind of person would call a loser? The old man answered, someone who can’t help themselves, someone who is no longer wanted, someone who is treat less then human. Someone who can’t take care of themselves. The man said well, what kind of name would you call me? The old man replied, if I could only see. As him self became blind. He felt guilty, showing passionate he ask if there is anything he could do for him? The Old man, cried out loud that I didn’t heard those words for while, but please I doubt this might be the last time I hear it, so, I no longer what to live in a place that I’m not wanted nor, respected.

The man was thunderstruck, after the silence, he continued, When I was a child I always wanted a grandfather, I imagined what it would be like if I had the opportunity to spend time with him. It’s never too late said the old man.

I doubt, isn’t it arrogance when one spends the day and night in the cold and hot, rainy and windy, and I warm my self when it’s cold, and cool my body when it’s hot. They say life is not fair. But “How” is, what I ask , How did they and we know. What if I share what little I have, and give what I want, and take what they don’t, what if Life is fair. And we make it unfair. With the love that we have for wealthy, and arrogance, what if we guide on another, pick each other up, and dust them off, and show them the way, because life is love, but not long..

we call them Stranger, and keep our kids away from them. And SHUT OUR DOOR! We love wealthy so much, We wonder how they will harm our wealth, shift them away from our property.

BUT remember life is day and night, yours will come and go.

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