Saturday, July 3, 2010

Students mind depends on the teachers action.

Students mind depends on the teachers action.

Students respond to teacher’s reaction. There are three kinds of teachers, those who give A’s, and C’s, and F’s. the motto of the teachers in high school and junior high is, “I didn’t gave you, you earn it.”

The majority of the high school instructors, give speech about the
Topic then hand out paper to practice and lay back, whether they are grading students work, or their own sided work. If you walk into that class were the teacher performs that kind of task, the class room is quiet and the students look busy. technically they are the once that give C’s

instructors who don’t stop talking those who are
Identified as (talking to much) those who you feel like they know plenty of stuff about the subject they are teaching. If you happened to walk in that class room you will be in the mood of worn out and sleepy and consider no one is learning anything except the few that are not laying their head down. Most of the Student lay down, bored but the solitary Eco that enters their ears never leaves. They give (F’s)

But they don’t learn as much as the once the teacher’s who make sure No one sleeps in there class because they don’t sit in their chair and hand out paper work or carry on talking till the end of the class. They make sure students are not bored, and they blind the students intention of doing the work just for grade. They make it obvious. The mood of that class room enjoyable, it feels like the students are learning and enjoying and they are. Success of their grades. They give A’s.

Depending on how proud and tired the teachers is, and feels that’s how much of dimension the students learn.(Excellent)
Theoretically it’s not you earn it, it’s I made you earn it.

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