Thursday, July 29, 2010

No one keeps promise. They all tell you what you want to hear.

                            loyal to me                                    
What came between you and me.

     Today as I was cleaning up my room I come across with someones phone number. Someone that never called me nor talked to me. I wondered why? She was a good friend as I was to her. But what I discovered is that people around us were not happy with our relationship. Everyone considered as “sisters. We were attached. Though tick and thin.
    One day as we where going to school, transportation was hard to get, elections were taking place, and we got in the wrong bus.We knows it after while. When he start saying “ saris” I suppose, he was going to where we wanted, all the sudden he changed his mind. Since most of the people at the bus station happened to be going to the place where they were placing their vote. Anyhow we had to get off the bus. And we didn’t had money , we did had money, but we didn’t have enough money to go to school, and go home.

We could go to school, and call home. But we made a better decision.

We decided to take the day off. There was a boycott taking place at the election spot. We joined them, cheering, making fun of them. We even made a friends with an old lady, she was really friendly. Until she start cussing this man who was voting for the contrary. Then it started raining. All the sudden everyone disappeared. we almost thought it wasn’t going to stop. Afterward we then approached where the o republicans where having sit-in- And we joined them and “boo” secretly of course, or they would beat the crab out of us .

One day it was over, I went to her house, she said someone told her something “ she said he said stuff”. She also refused to tell me who. And what. That’s why I don’t let people tell me rumors, or else I will drag them to who ever they were talking about. No kidding.. well she stopped talking to me. She wasn’t open to me as she was anymore. Our friendship discontinue, after that day. She was an open person, down to earth. What made her, stay away from me was firm.

And I stopped making friends. Because all they do is come and go. They make promise and break it. You take them for granted and all you know is, it’s over. They enter easily, but they stay in you mind and heart for ever. We even made a promise that, we would married two brothers, and raise our kids in Hawaii. And if our first child turns out to be boy. That we would dump them in the trash. Later all we said to each other was “hi”. We where friends for so long. I identify that the person between us was her little sister, I just Rather her to lose a friend then a sister. Till that days, taking people as friend became tough to me.


  1. Nasra, glad that I am the first to comment here. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on.

    This is written well and you were able to display your thoughts. I appreciate the frequency of your writing too.

    Please do follow me too.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Thats sad Nasra , but yeah thats life sweety .. I can understand that you were so attached with her , and her silence hurt you more than the break up .. Its true , its hard to make friends , as its aint easy , no , not at all possible to forget them , as memory keeps haunting us , but we all social animal , we DO need friends.. Dont let that one incident have so much effect on you , as that wil keep hurting you more ..Dont let that one dark cloud overshadow your sunny life ..Life is beautiful , and it become fun with friends , because only they can make it so ..

    PS : I dnt knw , wheteher you wold agree to what i said , but trust me , I come from same stage , friends enter easily , and its difficult to let them go , as we are left battered and bruised , but then , life doesnt stop wth harsh exp na ?

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  4. Renjith, thnks for the comment, appreciate it,
    ps.. I followed you.. :)

    @aDREAMYGAL.. I really did agree with 100%.. it's ture it's hard but we should let that stop us...
    **appreciated you advice,and comment

  5. How very true. It can get pretty disheartening and after some time, I will just subconsciously not get too close.