Saturday, July 31, 2010


    A small house that had nothing valuable in it except humans life. About 2 am at midnight mother woke as up . she didn’t utter a word, except exit from the window! We did as she said without a query. When we went out-side everything was shining from the fire blaze. Houses were burning, people were screaming, children crying , mothers weeping. There were gun shots. The rebels enter the village. I didn’t knew what was happening . my sisters decided to go back. I hide my self in the bushes in front of our house. I was frightened so I didn’t move. But I had perfect view of what was going on.
The bad guys were dragging the people. I looked at my left hand and I saw them dragging my family, they hit my father on the back of the gun, almost killed him. And raped my mother. I saw something a child nor an adult shouldn’t see. I closed my eyes maybe it’s a nightmare and I would wake up from it. Then I opened my eyes when . my uncles flash covered my face. He too was killed.
They took what was valuable and what they could carry. After watching all of those terror, my body began to tremble. It start raining. Just for a comfort I slept next to my uncles dead body.

In the morning the village looked like it what the end of the world , there were no creature, no sound , nothing but a dead bodies.

I decided to go to the next village, Hoping it would be more suitable. I walked for hour, and miles when I reached there, it was an identical image to the previews village.
I was thirsty and hungry. I knocked a door and no one answered. There were terrified people sitting outside, holding their dead or wounded family member. There was a mother, early 30th who was holding her baby on her lab and his organ on one hand, just staring, closing, clearing her eyes far-fetched. Things were ugly.
The next morning, hope” was what they all looked forward to. The unpleasant odor approaching towed the dead bodies were unbearable.

they over throw the government, and took the power. There rules and laws was intolerable many flee to neighborhood countries.

                                                                               True story?

                                                                      You decide!

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  1. Nasra, this was very powerful and heartbreaking. Hopefully, your blog will bring awareness to this often forgotten continent.