Monday, August 2, 2010

Worst enemy and our Best friend.

                                                                 My enemy.

                     Technology is our worst enemy and our Best friend.

Back when I was unfamiliar with technology. I use to do a lot of things. I used my time wisely.I use to go to religions study for 1hr. then go to school. After school. Depending on what day of the week it’s , I use to do diverse of things. Play soccer, Visit family members, Help out in the community. Tutor children. And increase my knowledge in my own spare time .

Then I was introduce to computers , and T.V’s and cell phones, Cars.

Real talk, computers made me dim-witted, T.V made me indolent. And cell phone made me verbose and sluggish. Car made us chubby. when introduced social networking website
 It emerged. Things got “ugly”. Personally I was addicted to many of them. First it was hi5 and then myspace, msn, facebook. Now that I drag myself out of facebook world. I fall into the arms of “blogging” I wonder what is next. Officially time is tighter nowadays to all of us.

Cell phones.
Back in the days. There was only home phones. That you use mostly for emergency. And to greet family members. When you want to chatter with friends. Either they visit you, or you visit them. Which came in handy the you take a walk.

Then cars became the “mr right” to the closed things, such your neighbors and friends. Even if they are a block away. No one wants to walk. Get in your car and drive. Life is trouble-free. Painless and effortless.
Many of as don’t understand that “our best friends ” are our worst enemies.

But “hey” who  am I to tell you this. They also come in handy. Can’t live without them can’t live with them. But hopefully we will mange to keep in limit.

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