Thursday, August 5, 2010

How I met your mom

                                                           How I met your mom.

 Mother use to wake as up early during the summer. So that we could practice, recite the quraan before  it’s time to go to school. It was dark in our room. We use to shift over to our fathers room a bit, since his room had a window, aglow, to get a light to read the quran.

We use to play games. When my mother goes to the kitchen. And make each other laugh. One time he told me story about how our parents met.

He said that, mother was rich and my father was poor. So he had a job at the gas station. Where my mother and her friends arrived to get a gas. They were talking loud. And debating about life. And all the sudden mother said “ I hate divorce” and father peeked thought the window, to see her face. He was delighted by the beautiful words that come out  of her mouth,what is  gorgeous lady he whisperd. At first sight he knew she was the one. All the sudden a man came running and took her “shaash” (traditional scarf) and father ran after the guy and brought back her scarf.


Mama; I don’t know what to say ,thank you

Dad; Anytime, for a such a beautiful lady like you.

Mom.;Smirked, and looked down, bashfulness

Months pasted by, and they decided to get married. But there was one problem.

Grandfather, didn’t want her to get married to a such a poor man.

So they couldn’t meet each other anymore. They use to communicate by, hiding their letters under a rock. And mother couldn’t bare her love. she made up her mind, decided to run away. Father was religions man and didn’t want her to take awful steps. So he refused. His respond was heartbreaking to mother. And she discontinued their secret relationship. Grandfather find out their letters . And realized how respectful and mannered father was. And let them live happily. And they got married around the most important object in their life, which was the rock, they use to hide the letters.

I use to love my brothers tale stories. And the way he told them was always funny.

Even though it was half true and half false. They did meet in gas-station.

A place where people meet are absolutely important. No matter where, gas station. To airports, restaurants, school, work place.

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