Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deep down. Pull it

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   I always tried to stand out from others, and some how I always wanted to be invisible. I know there is something in side me, something hidden deep down,

So hard to reach it , too tough to pull it. Mostly I do it for my own safety, my heart breaks easily with the words that come out of others. Yet it keeps me motivated and irritated, at the same moment I have the capacity to walk on the top if the zenith as far as I can, but the sad part is when time passes by, once again I turn back to the person I was . The feeling that something is in me that need to be blossomed, to blast . To many things going in my little brain. someone young as I’m should enjoy their life.

Every morning should be a new day, to smile, laugh, enjoy, be happy, fantasize .

I ‘m grateful , every second I’m gratified to allah . The one that kept me healthy and happy. I try to ignore the little voices of devil , that utters in my hears with cheerless words. Thus I’m weak enough to trip over those words most of the times.
Don’t let my strength trick you.You might be stronger then me physically . But I am not weaker then you emotionally. Don’t judge me by the smile, that is on my face, 24/7.You might look depressed then me. But I am not cheerful as you are.

                                 The world looks at me as companion

I look at it as stranger

People look at me sensible

I look at them at idiotic

Life treats me as enemy

I look at is as friend

Sometimes it pushes me to the edge

Thus, I pull my self back.

Thus, I sometimes cry under my blanket.

Hence, My pillow doesn’t enlighten me, not tells me to stop it.

Nor does it informs me that everything will be okay.

There are two types of people.

The once that give you.

And the once that take from you.

Thus, I am fond of the once that take it from me.

So much to share

Less to shade

There are two kind of people.

The once that love you

And those that hate you

Hatred takes too much of energy

But love takes plenty of tears.

Two sort of people

The once that laugh at you

And those who cry for you

Laughter receives

tears dispatch .

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