Tuesday, August 17, 2010


   There are perhaps no days of our life that we live so fully as our childhood .. Once a wise gentleman said “The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age.
They were best buddies when they where young. Thus they sometimes fought . about the most sillies things, such as who spited fast, or far. Which car first started going after the red light. But that didn’t stop them from being there for each other. Nor did they spend a day without arguing. Those who were not familiar with them, error them as siblings. Day –by-day. Their friendship blossomed. They had many things in common, such as the love they had for candy. They once decided to steal one. And prepared a plan.

He went in, and she took over to keep the employer busy. Since she knew that, the man was a big fan of politics, she start a random conversation about theory of politics and the description and analysis of political systems.  the man himself couldn’t follow her arbitrary chat. He suddenly start to be suspicious. And come across of the boy who was about to place the candy under his shirt. However their plan was not successful this time, they were caught. The employer informed their unpleasant act to their parents. consequence that her parents made was not to meet his again. That was unbearable to both of them. As constant they always broke the rule.
Then they grow up. Things changed. As they fell into each others hands. Got married. nothing could come between them, was their slogan. Many thing changed since they grow up, accept they continued to argue day by day. Every time one gets mad they always said to each other ” Can I get my heart back now”. Such when the other wants to apologize inquired “ do you still want your heart back”.
They were married for 3 years happily. Except no one joined their family. They desperately wanted a child.

One day they decided to go check  themselvesTo figure out the dilemma. The next day when the resulted came. the sounds she heard was dreadful to her ears. The doctor discovered that she was infertile (unable to give birth). She became depressed about the awful news. She was aware of the love he had for children. She start to convince him to get married again. Although he always refused to be A polygamist. He also informed her that, Until she is a life he won’t leave her side. The bond they shared was stronger then a timber. She had done all she could to induce him. As he always refused. Just to make him happy, or at least she thought he would be happy. She murdered her self. The life became useless to him. After he lost his wife. Then he found her diary, hit upon, he too killed him self.

Sometimes. We try so hard to give to those we love. But we also forget what is most important to them.

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