Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Need Eyes to tear, But We don’t need eyes to see


                         Our eyes are Important, But not essential

         God is so generous and openhanded. But us humans are the tightfisted. Yet some of us, do ask ourselves. Why? Why Am I in this situation. What did I do to deserve this. What we forget is to look at those who are below us. Yet we raise our head so high and look at those who are above us.

Our wealth and our beauty are ineffectual. But those who are well-heeled forget the little things in life. And those who are unfortunate are so concerned about the immense. You don’t need wealth to be happy. You don’t need beauty to be sexy. And you sure do not need EYES to see. The money we have may not buy us what we want. And our attractiveness may not get us those we adore. And our Eyes do not see what our heart can see.

We look at things and not see, thus our brain in some-where else. We touch and not feel. Because our heart is not aware.
We do not need eyes to see, nor feel. Hence our eyes are there to illusion that there is something is in front of us. Our solitary organ is more important , “The heart”. Our eyes age, and get weaker, thus we lay on a man made. An object consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses. In order to see clearly or far. But our heart stayes young, and strong. Nor does it need synthetic to observe, or adore. Our emotions and mood and sense are based on our heart.
Without it, we would not have most of our comprehension, and perception. Our eyes are Important, But they surely are not essential.

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  1. Quite positive thoughts..
    One should not be bounded by the external world and yes, "eyes are not always necessary to 'see' something", an open mind is more needed.
    Cheers Life...

  2. I soo much agree with you.. JD..

    Appreciate it..

  3. Our Eyes are important, But they surely are not essential, Well said buddy.. Good work..

    I wish you all the best for the contest, SSC - II
    Do stop by Someone Is Special

    --Someone Is Special--

  4. @ Someone. sure will do..

    appreciated for your generosity

  5. quite a beautiful thought... a very nice blog.

  6. This post makes me wish I could, indeed everyone should, be able to choose to be blind temporarily just to 'see' what the world would seem like...
    best of luck for ssc and do stop by

  7. Nice thinking.. Well written.. All the best for the contest.. :)

  8. So much element of postivity .. The first line really caught my attention ..and every line from then on it just inspired me to read more and more .. Wonderful !! :)

  9. what a point of view..
    nicely written..!!!

  10. I see your thought process and you've explained it very well. A suggestion perhaps you could switch the font to a different colour to enable better reading.

    Goodluck for SSC2!
    Feel free to stop by my blog :)

  11. Thnks guys..

    @gkam. Will do, change the font..Appreciated

  12. "We Need Eyes to tear, But We don’t need eyes to see"
    - Lovely title.

    the feeling is enough. Nice read

  13. Hey sis your blog is lovely Mashallah, came to wish you a Ramadan Kareem and say my salaamz
    your sister in islam
    naz @

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