Wednesday, August 4, 2010

illegal hunting, is more important then humans life.

                 If we could only put our difference a side.
The previews months, the UN have been inquired the African countries to send troops to Somalia. A country that had been in Civil war for the past 20 years. For diverse of causes. When the government was over thrown in 1990, disparity of two clans. When indicted the president the act of Betrayal towards the opposed trib. Ever since , Somalia have not settled down for the past 20 years.
Back in 2007 , the government request an assist from the neighborhood country, Ethiopia. When they answered the call.

And send troops. The society start to shout and holler at the government for bring a foreigner troops. Despite the fact, that they refused the troops for being an infidel. But also that previews conflict that had took place between Ethiopia and Somalia.
Then, an Islamic insurgency called “ Al-shabaab” ( movement of worrier youth ) approached the conflict. and called it the conflict “jihad” (the holy war waged by Muslims against infidels)

And to throw out the troops that the government asked for assist.

Many of Somalian people viewed this fight as “a pay back time”.Seeing that the Ethiopian troops were not there to help but for revenge. The war that took place between Ethiopia and Somalia in 1977. Victory was taken by Somalia.

In 2009 when the term was over. And Ethiopian troops went back. Since no one appreciate them. And elections took place. People were disparate for peace, and tranquility. The elections were won by the “al shabaab group. Which gave the Somalia people a false hope. Nothing got better except it got worst. Despite the fact that they made the society act and perform what they call the sharia law” or Islamic law. Which they used it incorrectly, and offended the name of “Islam”. Taking a huge steps such as cutting heads and legs and arms unkindly and inhumanity.
In the 2010 the United Nation organization requested international peace and security from the African countries to lend a hand fellow neighbors. As many African countries answered the call and showed passionate. 6000 peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi now stationed in Somalia's capital to protect the transitional government there. Pledged to add 400 troops. As the Ethiopian government denied the request. The president of Ethiopia, said the they had lost a lot of troops and the outcome was pessimistic. As no one appreciated them back in 2007.

Never less Uganda government approved a request to send 2000 more troops to the Somalia. Al-Shabaab threatened the Uganda government. The 11th of July in the capital of Uganda, Kampala blasts killed 76 people watching the World Cup finals on T.V at gathering. The al-shabab group took the responsibility.

Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, responded to the attack, and informed the terrors that he is not backing off. Until he reaches the zenith of when non-of them existence in Somalia, he also added that in short time the troops will take hug step to vanish the terrors.
Nevertheless also Botswana will not send troops to Somalia, thought it can provide logistics to the African union.The foreign affairs minister told the press in Gaborone that he Botswana has its hands full with anti-poaching activities, sound like the illegal hunting, is more important then humans life.

As he added we have to protect our wildlife rather then send troops to Somalia. At the summit in Kampala.
As sending more and more troops would help. Would it. watch and see.
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