Friday, July 23, 2010

survival of the fittest

  People do anything to survive. Us “humans” life is everything to us. For survival we do things that are UN-imaginable and unintelligent. But that moment it can be the One and Only method. As many Somali people try to escape the tragic war that is taking place for the past 20 year, flee to another country such as Yemen, which the Gulf Of Aden splits them apart, but it’s also most dangerous. They travel with a feeble boat, the journey takes  weeks. They ran out of water and food, as life shoves them to even drink their own urine. They do it for survival.

Small town in India, women make living being a Surrogate mother, they carry their offspring for 9 month , the new born will be handed over for sale to Strangers. number of cases of surrogacy are believed to have doubled as in the last three years based on newspaper, cash has become more important then their own flesh. You do anything for survival.

You might wonder, how sad all those story are and other awful things that occur. But the most saddest thing is when your survival transforms to unlawful.

Piracy is survival to those who do it. But others view it as an illegal act.

When they poisoned the gulf of Aden, the One and Only place they turn their face to for survival and feed their young. the fish dies, so as their offspring. When they take control of their land and fight for their right, it has been translated into piracy. The VOA had interview one of the head master of the piracy in Somali. When asked why?. His response was, you can’t watch when your food is poisoned, and your family starve to death, you take the closed exit to feed them.

the closed exit is sometimes, close to jail

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  1. being a surrogate mother is a personal choice I made and I couldn't be happier with my decision!