Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I hate LOVE


The first day of school, what you expect is, New teachers, New classes, New Students, New supplies. I was the quiet child, who had 1 friend just like him/her. I was picky about the place I sit, I liked to sit next to certain people . As we had a new Teacher, she came up with new rules. “Alphabetical order” sitting chart, miserably everyone took their new sit. As I was expecting I had to sit with strangers, in between a boy and girl. When I thought this can’t get worst. She picked me as “class monitor”. I was the kind of person that doesn’t like to order people. I disliked it , But I had no choice, but to sucked it up. The advantage was that I didn’t had to sit in-between strangers with unpleasant odor approaching among them.

It was finally Friday, I was in high spirit, got use to the students a little better, and I couldn’t wait to go home. Someone who I can’t exactly re-call, brought me a paper. After we came back from lunch. It had my name on top , I opened it, it said.

I love you


what kind of reaction do you anticipate from 10 year old.
“Yes” I cried,
subsequently I went home. My sister asked what is wrong, I didn’t told her. I straight went to my dad. and gave him the paper. Well he looked at me and said, there are unmannered kids. Just ignore it. And he left. I was surprised by his reaction, I expected more then that, I expected him to go and beat the crab out of him. I said aren’t you going to do something. He smiled, and said. What did you expect me to do. Those kind of stuff happen. I was so mad. It was echoing in my ears till the next day “ those kind of stuff happen”.

I hated that boy, so bad that I didn’t talk to him after that day.

Looking back, today “yes” it’s funny. I would laugh too, but childhood is a puzzle

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