Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Save you some Cash and Time

Old –fashion way of washing your clothes before washer and dryer where discovered. Was going to the river , or the closed waterway and wash your clothes , then to dry it hang it on the String and let the Sun take over.

How about if you have those fancy washer and dryer, would you want to do it the old-fashion way. All the washer does is go in cycles , rinse, soak and spine, drain ,around and around and around, more or less.

Do you thing that the washer is no good, and you miss the old way of washing your clothes, and you doubt that if it's possible to do it in urban

Where you can’t find waterway. Well doubt No more because it’s possible, Without anyone criticizing your extreme habits to wash your clothes, you can do it in your home with your own hands.

It also saves you some cash, your electric bill will lower, you will save your self detergent, it take less amount of detergent when washing it in your own hands.
If your utility includes water it also helps. The washer rinses (soaks the clothes in water) two time (2 cycles) what if you clothes doesn’t need 2 time of rinse

How about the time, it take FOR-EVER, do you hate waiting for it.. it’s stopping you from doing things. that you have to come back and check on it. Won’t it be better once and for all. Washing it in your own home takes less time..less electricity, less water, more fresh clothes

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