Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Man who poured gasoline on his 17year old orphan wife

Faduma Abdi is a 17 year old girl that lives In Nairobi, Kenya fled from Somalia in 1990 when the civil war broke down.
  both her mother and father were killed during the Civil War. Since everyone of her family took their separate path that they believed was safe for them, she does not know where her siblings are right now.

   Faduma was married when she was 14, but her marriage was not successful, but their friendship thrived after the divorce. At the age of 17 she got married again. The friendship of her previous marriage persisted. Her husband was jealous of her previous husband.
    Her new husband was all she had . But to him she was not everything , she said, One morning while I was cooking breakfast the phone rank , while she was in the middle of the conversation ; he poured gas on me and lighted a match ; I suddenly start to burn and he locked the door on me and left . No one knows where he is now. There is no place in my body that is not burned, and I can not move my hands nor feed my self, and the pain that I feel keeps me from sleeping she said
She now Lives with a friend. She can not move her hands, because her skin are attached together due to lack of treatment. Chairs have to be placed between my hands she said when I am about to sleep .

She asks for help. I have no one she said. The only person in my life is now my nightmare.
This is a horrific video showing the handiwork of a deranged man who poured gasoline on his 17year old wife

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