Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thristy for peace

Yet, so much love to share
Pure blackness, oneness so rareLand is so gold and green

The place is so fresh and clean And everyday I water my garden

Tell me if you feel it deep in your heart and
The space is so cool and nice

Visit once, guaranteed to visit twiceAnd if you just
believe in the most highI know you'll be alright
So many war, suddenly distorted us
Bring us promises, just to sit in the chair
Leaving with hopes
I heard them say peace is in the way.
Peace is the answer
That’s what they say.
We side with them
Then they deceive us
But look how they treat us
Try to control us.
Take away the freedom
They just pull us backward
We strangling, fight for peace
And we are wondering
When will we be free.
But they should wait for that to come.. it’s not far way
If we just , respect one another,
If we just, don’t kill one another
If we just, don’t steal from one another
If we just, let one man in the chair,
If we just, for get about tribe
For now we hallucinate for that day, it's far away

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