Friday, April 16, 2010

Endless love

There is no stop sign to the love that mother has for her children it’s never too much.

My mother is a mother, different from other mothers I have see and met. My mother was always awake sometime I wondered when she went to sleep, she was awake when I go to sleep she was awake when I woke up. And she never was a sleep when I go to school.
Back in Africa we lived in house that had one bedroom and one living room. It didn't have kitchen or bathroom inside. My family were 8, and we managed to share it the 2 rooms. Life was hard. But mother tried her best to keep us from sleeping with empty stomach or education nor feeling less then the others around us. As she always said “ put them down before they let you down”. For the whole month we received a small amount of money, which we had to divide it into food, education, transportation, school supplies, light bill, clothes , health.

We lived far way from the school that we use to attend. Since we couldn’t afford the house located near the school. We use to take 3 buses just to get the school. Each day it use to coast us $10. Sometimes when it’s the end of the month and we run out of money. In the afternoon my mother use to go to the neighbors and asked them if she could borrow some money. And when she does it for while and months pass by she use get shy and she use to ask the neighbors stores. I remember one day, That I made a promise to my self that I would not have a children. I remember one morning that a tears come down on her eyes, as we went to different stores asking for $10 , I saw her tears come down her eyes and she kept going and asking them if she could barrow $10 even though she didn’t spoke the language. We finally found someone to lend us $10. When we sat in the bus I saw her wipe away her tears with her “gabsaar” at the same time waving with a little smile of relieve for the day.

AS we were in the bus going to school, I thought about what she was think as she walked up the hill store to store with a full of tears in her eyes, kept going for $10 d so that she could send her children to school. And I though what if we reach where she want us to reach and we neglect her, yet she has confident on us. No matter what was head of us.

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