Friday, June 1, 2012

To those who feel sorry for themself due to their color

Yes, I have time to blog nowadays, Freshman year of Uni is over, seems like it was yesterday when I graduted from high school. Any who, I am still taking summer school, Planing on getting a job, insha'allah ( pray for me ).

All my life I have been around Africans( to be specific Blacks) When I started Uni there was only 1%  of black students. The rest were white. Now My DEAR LOVELY PEOPLE (Somalis ) don't consider themself black. They don't hate on them, but they claim their ancestor are from the arab world. Personally that bothers me, geographically we are located in the  continent of Africa. With that been said, we don't have problem beeing called black. My judgement is not impair nor am I taking side here, but I have encountared, many sitautions where somalis fight to prove they're Africans not only that but pure black. At the end of the day we are black. But some of the black people(Other than Somalis) feels sick to their stomach just because they are black. They feel less, when they are around others who are not black. They complain about being spoted, and being diffenent. They complaine about it. Wallahi It Makes Me Sick to My Stomach when they feel sorry for themself because of their skin color. Many use lightening lotion, skin brightnening cream. Hopping and wishing to get lighter skin. Subhan'allah, man made iteams won't /can't change the skin Allah swt gave you. IMPOSSIBLE. Look what happends when you mess with gods creation, just take a look at Micheal Jackson.

Be proud of your skin color.


  1. I haven't been blogging for a long time due to many reasons and i only read the latest page of your blog, but when i sat down, to read through your blog properly and saw this, well... i had to comment.

    I think Black people in general are full of excuses and its really time that we changed the inner-core of our thinking, the way we perceive things and carry ourselves. I am talking about real fundamental issues, back to basic...starting again.

    I was actually thinking today about starting a blog aimed at this issue so for me to come across this now may just galvanize me to do so.

    We complain about jobs and how the 'white man' doesn't want to employ black people, well i say create your own jobs so you can employ yourself and your own. We see Arabs, Indian, Chinese people come to the west and do it all the time, but some of us who have been in the west longer are still consumers to these people and they make money from us, so why are we not capable?

    i have never seen a black person working in a Chinese store, an Arab store an Indian store and the worst thing is that when we buy from them they watch us as if we are going to steal, wouldn't employ us and wouldn't let us off if we had money short but yet we complain! so we should make are own, but then some Muslims will say "we are all Muslims and should not divide on race" which is true but if they have a choice the so do we!

    Lightening creams, people who use these are not happy with themselves period! they buy into the view that lighter is better and spend a small fortune on trying to achieve this by buying creams and lotions. As you can tell from my last paragraph i am all about self preservation and having honour, dignity and respect for who you are, so i would prefer to elevate the dark skin so there is an equal balance. Be happy and represent you, because you are you, unique so don't change yourself for some especially when that someone will never change to look like you!

    Fake hair....horrid! i am not even going to go there...i don't care how good it looks, you are wearing another woman's hair! because you couldn't grow it (they think they can't) so you buy it, instead of representing what you have you dismiss it and imitate, why don't you see white or Asian women buying Afro hair? I do understand that in some parts of Africa there are people with super tough hair, i mean really really tough that it hardly grows but that is a minority, be happy with what Allah has given you African women because it may sound harsh but no one degrades Africans like Africans themselves.

    Now on the Somali Arab issue, this is not just a problem with Somalis, it is with every between nation, what i mean by between nation is eg Somalia they are between black and Arab, so some choose to cling on the the Arab side and feel proud of it, if you see some Saharan Africans who are not dark nor too light they will claim we are north Arabs, if you look to the Caribbean you'll see some light skin brown skin people who live between Latinos and blacks and, go figure, they say we are Latino, Spanish etc even dark black people from slave ancestry eg African American and Caribbean, if they are a bit lighter than the rest they will say we have American Indian in us or Latino, oh look at my straight nose its because i have European in me or Irish.

    When i was in University a black sister in a lecture turned to me and said "i am not black you know" i was like WHAT??????? subhanllah i kept it moving after that, what can i say to her after Allah has guided her? i mean she was BLACK!

    Allah all glory to him has made everyone equal and until people stop acting small and belittling themselves in front of others who they feel maybe better wallahi they will never taste honour because if we can not honour ourselves then how can someone else honour us?

  2. lool another ladies hair. I couldn't agree more with you. It all about " preservation and having honour, dignity and respect for who you are" Not to mention how much money they spend . The funny thing is the white are coloring themselves tanning, and the black are bleaching. How hard it is to accept and love how Allah swt made you look. Alhamdulilaah we're not missing a leg or hand who are we to complain.

    PS: I am glade your back. and look forward to your blogs :)

  3. Thank you... i will be blogging soon insha Allah (extremely busy), perhaps on these issues or something a bit more light hearted i am not sure as yet but i am hoping to make it better than the last.......good to see you kept it up........