Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am back !!

I haven't blog for a while, the main reason being, I just don't have time to sit and write any more. I guess the older you get the more complicated your life gets, and more responsibility falls on you.
With that been said, I will try to fit blogging in my crowded schedule, as the fall semester begins. The summer session were busier than I expected to be honest, and Ramadan coming along, I barely have time for my self. 

Any who Insha'Allah I will have a week of freedom, other than packing for Uni. I want to say  Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims around the word, I want to wish you a long and health life. May your fasting and salah and du'a be accepted, may you be among the loved once. With that been said, I am getting ready to start my second year of Uni. Yes, time flies by. Hang in there I will write you my graduation post lol.. Insha'allah. Alhamdulilaah it had been easy process it was fantastic year. And I ask Allah swt to bless me with another fantastic year. 

September is My Bday AND I AM GETTING READY TO GO CRAZY.!!! nothing wild or haram don't get me wrong, But I just want to remember this Birthday. I am usually not a Birthday person but this time I will make sure It's one to remember, May I reach with full health and happiness Insha'allah.

Oh by the way, I will be blogging more now, Since I have a night shift on weekends. lol  Just to keep me up... Insha'Allah.
.. till next time stay safe and be happy. Again EID MUBARAK KULU CAAM WA'ANTUM BI KHEERY ..Have a GREAT Eid

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