Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family In Facebook

I have had this  conversion many times. And I mean many time. Why would you use social network(Facebook, Myspace, Twitter... after you get married . Many argue, those social networks are for single people. To chat, and mess-around what ever what ever. Someone will add you, you will accept them. You know after that, because that person doesn't know that you are married, and by the time they found this out they might have already grew fond of you.  A lot of people say I would/will deactivated my account after I get married. Specially, this comes from Somali people. And there is a reason I mentioned this. Because, "OTHERS"" Only add and accept people they know. The matter of fact is, My Facebook, is my facbook. I will respect your privacy and I expect the same from him. I don't really see how people who have family have time to use social network. And mostly it's men who use it. If the women gets married, they got their hands full. 

A while ago I have came a cross, a Facebook profile. The wife had her husband labeled in her family tree, same as him plus, their three kids. It's such a beautiful thing. Do  you think someone will get confused on him or her to be single. I don't think so. But the problem comes when they don't label each other as family members. Or even don't bother to put "married in their relationship status. . My relationship statues say "married" just to keep the dog away, but if you really want to use social networks. And have fun , you can add your friends and family people who know you, why accept a total stranger. Evil comes when you look for it


  1. great to be here finding your valuable posts.

  2. yeah i know what you r saying. the same thing happened to one of my friend. ofcourse a girl. Posting something on facebook is something like writing bill boards on the street. Its very easy for others to copy it. reproduce it and alter it. And once i had to use some brute force to get in to some of these nerds facebook account, Including some of my friends. i know its illegal. I was shocked to see the messages that these nerds have written to some of my friend,even knowing the fact that these girls are my friends. some of these guys are married an have kids. Soo pathetic.