Friday, August 19, 2011

A Forgotten Obligation.

When Ramadan comes I am so eager to spend time in Masjid.  However, when I get in the Masjid, all the sudden this feeling changes. What disturbs me ? You may ask .  An outrages actions  in the house of Allah. And what makes me MORE upset is when others  don't correct  "the mistake" of  their  brother/sister  yet, they talk behind them.   Talking while the khutbah is in process. .. And the other day,  A sister  brought her son's  teddy bear. She placed the teddy bear in front of her and started to pray. A lady who happened to  be praying next to her, was very upset about this action. She angrily uttered in her mother tongue and  simply, moved to the other row.  She didn't tell her that is was wrong. Whether the sister knew or not. Another sister brought her son who , ( when I guessed was about 9 or 10 years old) in the ladies room to pray. Subhana'allah.  Many people changed their rows. And didn't say a word about it. Muslims has certainly forgotten their obligations. Another girl was taking wudu,  and did a mistake ( perhaps she was a  new Muslim or Not).  However, No one said anything. They looked at her and simply walked away. They sell clothes in the Masjid .. and argue that is not a problem at all. Because it's downstairs.

Mostly, I am confused whether they do  this on purpose or they don't  have the knowledge that , this is our job to correct each other and show each other the right path. We are the only ummah that are send without a prophet to guide us on every way , but the Quran was send to us,  so that we could act upon it and learn from it.  Unfortunately, this is heart breaking. 

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  1. Very good post masha Allah, you have shown good insight, may Allah deepen you knowledge and wisdom.

    I think this behavior is pervasive within the ummah today. Every one is judged by other people's personal criterions then they build up a sort of arrogance to others, assuming others know what they know as if they themselves was born with knowledge. Its very sad indeed.

    You have given me an excellent idea for a post, insha Allah i'am going to write about the little things that make a muslim.