Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alhamdulilaah...Alhamdulilaah ....

I complained about living in non-Islamic country, almost all my life. But when we moved to U.S.A It just got worst; not being able to hear atham (call of prayer) this task was tough. Every- time I take a look at the clock to see if it's time. It just kills me. You see if you live in Islamic country, you won’t worry about dis remembering or praying late. You'll be reminded to pray. You just tackled one step out of the way. But, if you don't live in Islamic country your job is typically doubled. You have to keep track of the clock to see if it’s Salah time. But still, look at the pride side; you have Muslim people around you .Perhaps if you forget to pray and you see someone praying...tiNg tiNg. Now they reminded
you to pray. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah. I have no problems remembering to pray.

Now image living with non-Muslims. The Fact that you’re the only Muslim in the area. A year ago I decided to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I applied to university which  happened to be far from where I live. I expected a rejection letter. But it didn’t happen. Then, I thought my parents won’t let their youngest daughter leave home. AGAIN I WAS WRONG. I prayed every day; I asked Allah swt to stop me from this, in any way possible, if this decision would harm me or my religion . Almost everyone  I informed, that  I'll be living in campus  99%  of  them questioned my religion and dignity. “Nasra, are you out of your mind, are you not Muslim?” …”Listen to yourself”..” ..”This is Un  Islamic,, Islam forbids girls to leave home”… “You’ll be misled easily...”... “Why is that you need to go far from home, can’t you get education at the local universities?”… There is a reason for everything. If this experience tough me anything, It tough me to appreciate being a Muslim . If this experience made me anything. It made a better Muslim. I realized how lucky we’re. I did question how easily my parents accepted this decision. Being the ONLY Muslim, in this small town, filled with red-necks and infidels. Perhaps they knew something I didn’t know. . They know what kind of daughter they raised. 

Ps.. Don't spend a day with out saying Alhamdulilaah.. We are truly blessed.

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