Saturday, November 17, 2012

Islamic Dating Site

 For privacy reasons, I will not mention the name of the site, but I have recently joined Islamic dating site, nothing serious. I have always had this mentality, I thought people that join dating site are either old and never married, divorced, or unattractive lets face it, Alhamdulilah the creation of Allah swt is so beautiful, but we don't look the same. And their is legitimate reason behind it.

I happen to be right, most of them  are desperate I have joined the site 3 days ago which took 24 hours to process, I was officially there for 2 days, you cannot imagine how many messages I got. And No I did  not put any picture up. No income was mentioned, nor education. So I don't really see what would drive them to send me a message.

What I discovered is that the website tells you the newly joined. So they just sit there and wait for the new people and send them bunch of messages. And most of them were in their late 40 or 50. I did write  my real age in there, which is 3 times younger than theirs. 

My question now is, if these people are really looking of a soul mate. Why target the younger ladies. Would you not want someone that has the  same mentality as you. I am not saying younger = un-mature, but lets face it, it will always be hard for both of you to function well in a relationship if you have such a wide age gap. 

Then I thought maybe they're there to have fun. Just talk to someone in Halal way (that what they say, don't ask me) 

I don't want to give a negative view about online dating ,I mean some of them did look serious. But there are few that are just NOT-SO SERIOUS.

If you are going to join one of them and you're serious about it, watch out for the players. You will be surprised.

If you are going to do it, do it with the right intention. 


  1. have you ever thought about a non-islamic dating site? you can choose the religion you are and hte religion you want so they want send anyone with beliefs you do not desire your way. a friend and i have been recently having discussions about islamic dating sites and while we've decided that perhaps some are better than others, we've just come to the conclusion that they are less sophisticated than other sites like say - match, chemistry, eharmony, etc. there is a nice site, i think called that attempts to structure itself like the 3 a-fore mentioned sites. muslmah media sites shared some of our thoughts - it's a long read, but i think it's worth it.

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  5. well you're lucky, or maybe not! i joined up to a site years ago and no one replied to me.....There are some shady characters on those websites (believe me, I've seen things) if i was you i would stay far far away and do it the proper way when its your time insha Allah. not saying everyone is like that but i think the older ones just want really young girls (each to their own) young men want to find their 4th wife, girls have no mahram and then you have the unsavory type, they want a relationship so haraam that if it was halal it would be haraam!

  6. hahaha that true, I had no intention at all, I did it to get inside of what is going on. But yeah your right they are shady lol

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