Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Half the man my father is

Growing up I treated my father like a stranger. Mostly because he was sick, and we didn't get to spend much time together during that period when he was lying down in hospital bed. 
Than when he got better, I was already grown. I passed the stage when I could build a father-daughter  attachment. He had many hobby, that kept him away or busy from home. And It felt like when ever he was there he was either busy with his hobby or sleeping. The only  time we spend time with my father was when we had  electricity outage (light saving), he use to play many games with us, I use to secretly wish for power outage more often, not to spend time with my dad, of course more game time :) For a while dad was just a dad to me.  As I grew up our relationship got better but it was still limited.

Now that I am grown and he is growing old , I have start to see different side of my father, I wish I could be half the person my father is. I have never met anyone who is more patient, passionate, giving,forbearing wise and religious than my father. I am not saying this just because he my father, but honest he is all that and many more. He never complains, never holds grudge.  In his world there is no poor he give all he has, there is no sadness he is always smiling, no down time, no regrets, no negativity. If I could go back, I won't change a bit about our relationship. May Allah make my children as lucky as I am to have a father just like my father. 


  1. masha Allah, this is very touching and true. Our parents have made many sacrifices for us but we often don't see them. saying that the pic did make me laugh, which turned to a smile as i read on.....may Allah give you that which u yearn for in the depth of your heart, as long as its good for you....ameeeen.

    abu muadh

  2. forgot to say, your post and pic reminds me of a story. a woman came to the house of the Prophet (saw) with two daughters, they were all hungry. when she and her daughters arrived Aisha r.a was at home but the prophet wasn't and there was no food in the house of Aisha except three dates. Aisha gave the dates to the woman who gave a date to each daughter who ate them but still complained of hunger, then the mother took the third date, cut it in half and gave each piece to her daughters, so she went hungry herself.

    later on when Aisha told the prophet this story he said that the woman has Jannah......

  3. MashaAllah. Wonderful and heartfelt post. Ilaahay ha isu kiin daayo sis.

  4. I have created a new blog around 2 months ago but haven't written anything as yet although I have loads of topics, don't have time but I will try at least once a week inshallah Allah so here it is.

  5. @abu muadh I never heard that story but it shows that we take our parents for granted, May Allah blessed them and love them the way they loved us. PS. can;t wait to read your blogs, I truly missed them

    @Dhool . Amiin macaanto dhamaanteen, I hope your doing great dear :)