Saturday, May 14, 2011

My first crush

Yes, I still hate school, even thought I'm honor student :) . Take my words for it.  My first crush, I met him when hmm I was about 9 or 10 . But he was older then me, I guess I pick this habit of being attacked to older guys back then. Any who, I started public school at that age, and I was not comfortable  with the environment, learning with older kids, the profanity, the fighting and all of that nature. So I start  pretending I was sick. I used all the techniques I could to stay home from school. Then my mother realized I was faking. So I took the next step I start skipping.  Matter of fact my mother was a daughter of a Federal Bureau of Investigation. She founded out that I was no longer going to school. I start being miserable. On lunch time, I use to stay still. When the kids go to play and have lunch.  And there he was, to cheer me up. Honestly If it wasn't for him. I would have quieted that school. He would bring me  lunch, And xalwo. We use to  play together, spend weekends together. To him I was just like a little sister. (That what I though, till 2010) I couldn't ask for a better friend. Then I start having more (girl) friends and we kind of grew apart as play -mates.

One morning before the school started, He come running to me. I want you to meet someone he said, in a very exciting voice. I really didn't have the intention of meeting who ever it was, the game was too exciting from me.   But he come back to me after 5 min or so. And took my hand and start dragging me to our class. We stopped at the door, he put his hand on my shoulder, looked straight into my eyes, and said, you will have new student and I want you to be nice to her. (And I was waiting for something else lol). There she was siting in my spot. I am Germ-phobic. I use to clean my area. I could hold it but scream she is sitting on my spot, but I said it in Amharic, I doubt if she could understand it since she was dress like a typically Somali. He pinched me in the back. He looked at me with ill eyes and said, this is ____. She was his relative, who recently moved to the city. And yeah he liked her.  For his sake. I spend the rest of the day with her. I gave her a tour, introduced her to the class. We gave her free lunch. I made her feel comfortable. Since I promised him to keep her company. Yes, I was jealous, and afraid she might take my spot.   Till I find out she was not into him at all, and I mean AT ALL. She called him every word that is possible to insult a person with. Part of me wanted to put her face in the spaghetti, and part of me was excited to find this out. Unfortunately, me and her   became best friends. And they can't stand each other currently. They both live in UK maybe they missed me who knows.   In 2010 He called me surprisingly , and confessed a lot of things. I feel guilty I still denied.

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