Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama got Osama

There are varieties of reason why I don’t buy this bogus. For more than 10 years, this powerful country was looking for this guy. Sky-scraping economy, they hold the greatest technology a man can create... The “dream” land. These men are playing them like 5 year old children, even though this government has all access to all numerous things you can’t imagine. Now if you are the leader of this great country. And you are in debt over 14 trillion. However, you are spending millions and millions to find a“guy”. You have been doing this duty for 10 years it’s a shame to say you quit. It’s sad to give up hope. It’s wide of the mark to give up on your civilians without getting a revenge for them.
So, what would you do to spend no more time, to save the money to pay off your debt, make your people feel safe, and informed them that revenge is done...? “Tell them the man is dead”.
I personally didn’t believe this guy is a life. I still don’t. He was dead years ago. And “they didn’t know about this”.

Are you insane, do you know how many people did face-transplant to resemble this guys just to cover up for him? They have created all sort of mask. However “America” is late to find this out-so they are catching up. Now if this is the real case and we take their words for it, without them showing us a video, or picture. A question I don’t seem to answer is “why is his “family” not talking about it”. Don’t you think they would send a “video” like they usually do, and threaten them for a revenge of their leader? I don’t know about you, but if this is true and they still haven't  said a thing about it. I’m scared. They seem to be busy. My concern is what are they doing?
The White House had been weighing the release of photos, because they had cautioned that the photo was gruesome and could be inflammatory. I was asked by my Government teacher, what I think about them not releasing the “pictures or a video”.

Technology is a grown man nowadays. We are able to take a normal image and photo-shop it, make it the way you want it to be, make it look like you are in Hawaii, while you are in the poor’s place in earth. Give it a black eye, change the gender, and pour blood all over the face. You name it. Okay, I understand the photos might arouse angry or violent feelings, how about a video about when you were placing him in the ocean to let the sharks have a dinner. Is that still inflammatory?

I spoke with a friend, and she pointed out, the fact that American would do anything to get this man in a perfect healthy, safe and sound. It‘s absolutely true. The army said he was not carrying any weapon. Do you think they would just kill the nucleus of a terrorist? This whole movie doesn’t seem to be winning Oscar any time sooner. And who ever directed  it needs to attend acting classes immediately.


  1. I agree. This whole matter seems very, very fish! And somethings definitely not right here...

  2. it's just hard to believe that the guy is dead...but it really would be disastrous if the world discovers that Obama lied...that would be the END of America

  3. i think the whole world is a lie....

    remember when saddam Hussein's sons were killed?

    they paraded them all over the media, and they were not even wanted! but the worlds most wanted man found then shot.......ermmm i think the american government think we all smoke crack! coz only a crack-head will find no fault with this story...subhanallah

  4. The whole world is a lie, thats cracking funny. But yeah, This movie doesn't make sense